shopper with Dollar Tree bags with caption 'Okay I just spent $93 at the dollar store' (l) Dollar Tre sign above Walgreens sign (c) shopper with Walgreens bag with caption 'this is how much I got it was also $93' (r)

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‘This is how much I got’: Customer compares hauls from Walgreens and Dollar Tree after spending $93 at each before ‘Barbie’

‘And this is the exact reason I’m obsessed with the dollar store.’


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A Dollar Tree customer shopping for a group excursion to see the new Barbie movie claims she spent $93 at Dollar Tree and Walgreens, making the case for what she called “Dollar store supremacy.”

The videos showcasing the respective hauls came from creator @lilybchapman, with the original comparison TikTok showcasing on the popular social media site since Thursday, getting more than 420,000 views in a single day.


Dollar store supremacy

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Seeing the four big bags from Dollar Tree was enough for someone to declare in the comments section, “And this is the exact reason I’m obsessed with the dollar store.”

“You’re such a good friend for setting this all up!” someone exclaimed regarding her Barbie night shopping. “Not just the time and money but you can tell you care about them. I hope it’s a great night.”

However, one commenter rightly said, “The contents of the bags are being requested,” and Lily obliged—with a video that’s racked up more than 1.5 million views to date.


Dollar tree haul !!

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The video chronicled her Dollar Tree experience, chronicling her mission of “just grabbing everything pink I can find,” which included some bags of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, a variety of Trident (which she besmirched by saying “even though this sh*t is kind of gross”), and pregnancy tests in pink boxes (commenting, “Honestly, yeah, I know my friends”).

One item in particular caused a commenter to perk up. “The dollar store pregnancy tests are so reliable, I found out I was pregnant with all 3 of my kids with one of those lol.”

Keying off her sunglasses purchase, another commenter noted, “I buy my sunglasses at dollar tree bc I lose them all the time.”

By contrast, she made a video with the Walgreens haul, which turned out to be exclusively makeup save for “a $5 box of hair dye.”


Girl what

♬ original sound – lily

In that video, she marveled, “I thought I was going to spend $30-40,” but it ended up being the same dollar amount as the Dollar Tree haul.

A commenter responded, “I can’t leave the house for less then $75 and it’s a crime.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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