Man says date looked ‘10%’ like her photos and ordered 53 fried pickles


‘Worst date in a long time’: Man says date looked ‘10%’ like her photos and ordered 53 fried pickles

‘i pray that her toilet survives this’


Jack Alban


In an era of bizarre dating app stories, TikToker Zakir (@zockr) shared a date night story that’s cracking up the internet. With a whopping 3 million views, it would be an understatement to say his video titled “worst date in a very long time” is a roller coaster from start to finish.

The video kicks off with Zakir expressing his disbelief at the recent date he had, describing it as a “train wreck” and a “waste of time.” He recounts matching with a woman named Sydney on Bumble and, despite a rather mundane initial conversation, decides to meet her for a date anyway. However, things quickly take a turn for the absurd when Sydney requests a very specific number of fried pickles: 53, to be exact. Zakir notes the pickles came in orders of six. He exclaims, “53 is not even a multiple of 6!”

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Zakir also notes that, in his opinion, Sydney looks perhaps 10 percent of what she does in her profile pictures. The situation escalates when Sydney becomes irate with the server over her pickle order. “Why can’t you just f*cking put it on a plate? It’s not that hard,” she exclaims, much to Zakir’s disbelief and embarrassment. Hilariously, the restaurant was able to make the pickle order happen and actually brought 53 fried pickles across four plates. Because as Sydney put it, “the customer is always right.”  

But the pickle debacle isn’t the only twist in this tale. Zakir later realizes that Sydney has lied about not having children, a fact he discovered from her Instagram bio, which stated she was a “mom to baby Charles.” Whoops! Zakir, do your research!

The climax of the evening? After excusing himself to the restroom, Zakir returns to find Sydney has vanished, leaving him with a $140 bill for the fried pickles. And as a surprise to no one, especially Zakir, the pickles were boxed up and taken home.  

The comments section of the video was ablaze with reactions. One user quipped, “100 tacos, 48 oysters, 53 fried pickles, what is next?” Another sympathetically exclaimed, “You paid for 53 FRIED PICKLES!? You are so nice!” But perhaps the most funny punny remark was, “It’s fine, no big dill,” to which Zakir responded, “Too soon.”

In conclusion, while social media and dating apps have given us unparalleled access to potential partners, Zakir’s story serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of online dating. We do live in a world where you might just end up paying for 53 fried pickles on a first date. So, as we swipe right and dive into the dating pool, perhaps it’s wise to vet our dates a little more thoroughly.

One user in the comments suggested, “You should be able to rate someone on bumble after you have a date with them. Lol.” Maybe that’s not such a bad idea?

Zakir has been known to discuss misadventures in dating on TikTok, like when he previously responded to a woman who criticized a first date for not wanting to pay $3 for a slice of cheese on his burger.

The Daily Dot reached out to Zakir via TikTok comment for further information. 

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