Expert reveals top 5 ‘worst’ SUVs to own

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‘Transmission failure is so common super early’: Expert reveals top 5 ‘worst’ SUVs to own

'You have been warned.'


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Posted on Feb 22, 2024   Updated on Mar 1, 2024, 7:18 am CST

Bev (@bevurly) is a TikToker who specializes in “useless” car videos, such as the “5 of the most embarrassing vehicles to own!” and “5 cars to avoid buying at all cost.” In one of his latest videos, Bev shares the “five of the worst SUVs you could possibly buy.”

“Do not buy these,” Bev warned, wagging his finger. “You have been warned.”

The video was viewed over 5.8 million times

The first SUV to make Bev’s list is the Kia Sorrento. According to CoPilot, this SUV boasts plenty of second-row room and excellent standard features. It also features an easy infotainment system, including Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth wireless, and a touch screen, according to the site. However, CoPilot notes the Kia Sorrento comes with a weak base engine, tiny cargo space, and a cramped back row. “The motor will blow—it will blow. There’s no denying that. You have more of a chance blowing the motor than making it to a 100,000 miles,” Bev added in his video.

Buick Encore is next on Bev’s list. According to Consumer Reports, the positives of this vehicle are great maneuverability, a smooth ride, and a quiet cabin; its negatives include poor acceleration and fuel economy. “What an absolute turd of a vehicle. It comes with a Chevy eco-tech motor, which is automatically just an absolute L. It’s ugly and it’s small. There’s nothing good,” the expert explained.

Third up on Bev’s list is the GMC Acadia. Pros for this model, according to CoPilot, include luxury features at an affordable price, like heated seats, power-adjustable mirrors, and keyless entry. It is also easily navigable and comes with hands-free functionality. Unfortunately, according to CoPilot, its interior is also made with cheap materials, has poor fuel economy, and cramped third-row seating.

But Bev went on to share another reason not to purchase an Acadia. “It’s not if but when the timing chain is going to go out. These are notorious for timing chain issues, and it’s almost … guaranteed, you know, at … 100 to 120,000 miles. Overall, it’s a really … cheap car, and it’s not really reliable,” he said.

The fourth worst SUV, according to Bev, was any Range Rover. Unlike the first three SUVs, Range Rovers reportedly have strong engines in a variety of options. These include a 6-cylinder diesel engine, an 8-cylinder petrol engine, and a hybrid plug-in option. Though they are easy to drive and feature a luxurious interior, they are expensive to purchase, and upkeep costs are exorbitant.

“You’re an absolute idiot if you buy one of these for reliability purposes… because these are absolute junk once they hit 50 to 60,000 miles. I’m not including old Land Rover and everything because those are extra reliable,” Bev continued.

Mitsubishi Outlander claimed the fifth spot on Bev’s list. The Outlander reportedly sports a 2.5L Direct Injection Petrol Engine and solid safety features like lane-centering assistance and rear cross-traffic alert. Unfortunately, the engine is comparably weaker to other SUVs and many of the safety features are only available to add instead of coming standard.

“I’ve seen so many of these roll into the shop. It’s absolutely ridiculous. They’re not reliable. There’s rarely a dealership available to even fix them. Parts are hard to get for them … simply just not reliable,” Bev concluded.

@bevurly 5 of the worst SUVs you can buy! Dont buy em! #suv #cars ♬ original sound – Bev

Many commenters disagreed with Bev, while others suggested other models that should be on his list.

“Mitsubishi is one of the most reliable car brands Bru,” one said.

“I’m a mechanic with a 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander with over 500,000km she still running lol v6 3.0 lol nice try,” a second agreed.

“My GMC Acadia is at 195,000 and running great. No major issues,” a third replied.

“Nissan should be on the list. I traded in my Toyota for my Nissan and have regretted it every day since,” a user suggested.

“The Ford Escape should be #1 on this list,” another added.

Though some users disagreed with Bev’s choices, many consumers trust social media sources more when doing research than traditional sources. According to CarGuru, 71% of car buyers use social media to assist in the car-buying process. As social media continues to reshape how consumers interact with products, lists like “Top 10” worst cars will only grow in importance.

The Daily Dot reached out to Bev via TikTok comments for further comment.

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*First Published: Feb 22, 2024, 8:00 pm CST