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‘I just paid $400’: Salon customer ends up with darker hair after trying to go blond. Her stylist won’t fix it

'This is why I stopped getting my hair done.'


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Posted on Apr 10, 2024   Updated on Apr 10, 2024, 11:47 am CDT

A salon customer posted a viral video after a hair appointment, saying her hairdresser made her hair darker when she wanted to go blond. The stylist reportedly said there was nothing she could do after the client asked her to fix it.

Eva (@evaaasian) has reached over 3.3 million views and 269,000 likes on her TikTok by Wednesday.

To start her video, Eva asks the audience, “Girls, how on earth are you supposed to tell your hairdresser after six-and-a-half hours of sitting in their chair that they completely missed the mark?”

Then, she says she just paid $400 to her hairdresser “to go blond.”

“My hair is significantly darker than how it was when I came in,” she says.

Using the green-screen filter, Eva shows a photo of what her hair looked like before her salon appointment. In the picture, she had brown hair with a few blond highlights.

After returning back to the original camera, Eva looks at her new hair and says, “Like, dude, my hair is … almost black.”

Next, Eva adds a photo of the hairdresser’s Instagram feed and zooms in on two specific photos she had posted. “This is what she said she’d do for me,” Eva says, showing photos of women with platinum blond highlights.

“So embarrassing, but I literally cried,” she continues. “I spent so much money, and I was so excited.”

Eva says she messaged the hairdresser on Instagram the day after her appointment, asking, “Can you please help me because I just really hate my hair?”

She says the hairdresser responded, “Well, you told me you liked it when you left, so there’s nothing I can do. You can pay me more money to fix it.”

“But what the heck are you supposed to say when you’ve been there for that long?” Eva asks before ending her video.

Eva’s not the only TikToker to go viral for wondering what she should do after an unsatisfying salon experience. In recent headlines, a salon customer asked if she was wrong for not tipping a stylist who charged her $127 for a redo after messing up her color. Another customer expressed guilt over her response to a stylist who asked for a tip on a free service after messing up her hair.

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In the comments section of her video, viewers told Eva they’ve had similar experiences at hair salons.

One said, “This is precisely why I almost never bother with professional haircuts & only box-dye. Too many stylists ignore or gaslight the client, and if you speak up for yourself you are insta-branded a Karen.”

Another comment that reached over 20,000 likes read, “It’s so hard to do because they act like they can never be wrong and do not take constructive criticism.”

“You look great but it’s definitely not what you asked for. I’m surprised she felt comfortable letting you leave without doing what she said she would?” another added.

“Hairdresser here, I’m so sorry,” someone else said. “Yes it would be easier to know a client doesn’t like their hair when in chair, but a text message THE NEXT DAY absolutely qualifies for a redo.”

Another viewer argued, “SO often people don’t know how they feel until they’re home, in natural lighting, styling it. I think it’s reasonable.”

If you find yourself hating your new hair color, the professional colorists Byrdie consulted suggest voicing your dissatisfaction immediately while being “specific” and “polite” about what you don’t like.

“If you end up leaving the salon unhappy with your color, but have been seeing the colorist for many years with only one upsetting experience, go back to get it fixed,” celebrity colorist Rita Hazan told Byrdie. The site also reports that your issue will likely be a quick fix and “most salons won’t charge you for color correction.”

However, Hazan added, “If it’s your first time with someone and you really don’t like how it turned out, I would suggest [researching] and finding a new person.” Byrdie notes that if you choose to go with a different stylist, you should be prepared to pay because they will “treat the appointment as a new color, not a color correction.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Eva via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Apr 10, 2024, 9:00 pm CDT