Woman questions Duracell batteries after buying 30-year-old clock at auction

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‘That’s 20 years on this ticker’: Woman questions Duracell batteries after buying 30-year-old clock at auction

'I noticed they lasted longer than any other brand.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Apr 12, 2024   Updated on Apr 12, 2024, 7:59 am CDT

A woman claims she bought a vintage clock at auction, with a 20-year-old Duracell battery that was still running. 

Becky BlackSheep (@becky_black sheep) uploaded her findings in a TikTok video that addresses Duracell in the caption, and asks, “HOW HOOOOOW?!?”

In the video, BlackSheep shows off a dusty, vintage wall clock that she says she just purchased at an auction. Despite the apparent age of the clock, it is ticking and clearly in working condition.

“We need to have a little conversation, Duracell,” she says, as she flips the clock over. 

“We got this clock from an auction,” she continues. “And we were packing it and we noticed it was still ticking.”

She zooms in closer on the Duracell battery at the back of the clock and notes, “One interesting thing.”

“Do you see what we’re seeing?” she asks, and then flips the clock around so the expiry date on the battery can be easily read.

“Yes,” she confirms for viewers. “In this nearly 30-year-old clock, the battery should have expired in 2004.”

The TikTok video garnered over 367,000 views. However, viewers had a lot of theories about why the clock was still running on a seemingly expired Duracell battery. 

“My guess it’s a clock from a school- specifically made to run for decades,” one person suggested. 

“Clocks don’t use a lot of battery power,” wrote a second. 

Many people disagreed that the date BlackSheep showed on the battery was its expiration date. 

One person attempted to clarify the meaning of the dates, writing, “Wait no it says the battery is gonna expire in 2051 and was made in 2004 the auction obviously put a new battery in it.”

When another also pointed out, “That’s the manufacturing date,” the TikTok creator responded, saying that the fact that the clock was still working was nonetheless impressive. 

“Even if so, that’s 20 years on this ticker,” she wrote.

@beckyblacksheep @Duracell HOW HOOOOOW?!? #whatmagicbatteryisthis? #vintagesales ♬ original sound – Becky_BlackSheep

A few viewers also clocked that BlackSheep’s post had become an unintentional advertisement for Duracell batteries. 

“BEST…. ADVERT…E V E R!” wrote one person. 

“You should be getting paid for this post lol,” noted someone else about the viral post, and Blacksheep wrote back saying, “Or at least a pack of batteries *cough*cough* side eye @Duracell.”

Although there have been no updates on whether BlackSheep received any free batteries, the official Duracell TikTok account did also comment, “Built to last,” under the post. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to BlackSheep via Instagram direct message and to Duracell via email for more information. 

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*First Published: Apr 12, 2024, 10:00 am CDT