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‘I haven’t even looked at a human being in the eye since I sat down’: Woman says she was asked to tip 30% on a $20 salad

‘I am a server and even i think tipping culture has gotten out of control.’


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Tipping culture pushed one woman beyond her tipping point, and she used TikTok to vent about it.

In a viral video with over 249,200 views, Taryn Lamb (@therealtarnanlamb) explained how one restaurant experience made her reevaluate the validity of tipping.

“Can we talk about tipping for a sec?” she began in the clip. “Because I fear we might have taken this too far in some cases.”

She offered background before exploring what forced her to be more critical about tipping culture.

“I always tip at least 20 percent,” she said. “I tip 20 percent if I’ve just had a normal experience.”

Lamb said she tips even more whenever the service is exceptional. However, she said an Austin, Texas dining experience made her believe the expectation that customers will leave tips has simply gone too far.

The woman alleged that she entered the restaurant with her boyfriend and was not even greeted by a host. A sign also reportedly indicated that the couple should seat themselves.

She said they were expected to scan a QR code to order food after seating themselves.

“Not my favorite way to dine,” she said. “I don’t love the QR code situation.”

Still, the TikToker said she placed her order and waited for her food to arrive. She also said she had yet to interact with a single worker from the restaurant.

That didn’t stop the restaurant from expecting her to leave a hefty tip.

“As we were placing our order for our $20 salad, it’s like, ‘Would you like to leave a tip?’” she reported.

She also claimed she was given three tip options: 20 percent, 25 percent, or 30 percent.

“And I’m like, ‘Girl, I haven’t interacted with a single person in here,’” she said. “There’s been negative service.”

The TikToker also criticized the food for being “overpriced” and noted there was a self-service area where customers were expected to get their own water.

She alleged customers were even expected to bus their own tables after eating.

“Isn’t the whole purpose of tipping to show [gratitude] when you’ve had a really good experience, a really good service?” she asked. “Isn’t that the whole point of tipping?”


it’s always the new, trendy resturantes too that charge you $2 for ranch like BFFRRRRRRR lmao this my rant of the day

♬ original sound – taryn lamb

Tipping culture has been a major point of contention among consumers and service providers. One woman went viral after she complained a restaurant charged her a “kitchen service charge,” and a barber sparked controversy after saying he expected customers to tip 40 percent for haircuts.

In the comments section, many agreed that the expectation for increased tips has gotten out of hand.

“I am a server and even i think tipping culture has gotten out of control,” one viewer wrote. “I’m so over it haha.”

“WHAT ARE YOU TIPPING for?!” user B asked. “That’s insane.”

“That’s when you hit ‘custom tip’ and put $0,” another viewer advised.

The Daily Dot reached out to Taryn Lamb via email for comment.

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