First-time buyer gets 2024 Honda Accord

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‘That 33K gone end up being 60K’: First-time buyer gets 2024 Honda Accord. Viewers can’t believe her interest rate

‘My interest was like 24% for a 18k car my first time.’


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Buying a new car is getting more expensive—and that’s not just because of interest rates. Industry experts have long complained about high car prices, and while the market appears to be cooling down, car buyers can still find themselves being asked to shell out exorbitant sums for their vehicles.

In response, internet users have offered all kinds of advice for those seeking a vehicle, from offering tips on how to lower your out-the-door cost at a dealership to simply advising that one should wait to buy a car until the market cools down further.

Regardless, some people desperately need a vehicle—and now, they’re suffering for it, as TikTok user @goldenshy_ recently revealed in a video with over 1.3 million views as of Sunday.

An unbelievable interest rate

In her video, the TikToker shows herself at a Honda dealership.

“Me leaving the dealership with a 2024 Honda accord 33k out the door price and 19% of interest since l’m a first time buyer,” she writes in the text overlaying the video.

It’s unclear whether she actually bought the vehicle, as subsequent videos appear to suggest that she’s still shopping for cars.

However, the price and interest rate offered seem legitimate, with the TIkToker explaining in comments and the caption that, while she has a high credit score, her credit file is thin, leading to her being offered these rates.

Still, the rate stated by the TikToker is incredibly high. According to CNN, people with credit scores between 300 and 500, significantly lower than the TikToker’s score, have an average of 15.62% interest on a new car. 

One user commented, “19 what?!?? That 33k gone end up being 60k.”

@goldenshy_ Maybe a cash car didnt sound that bad 😒🤦🏾‍♀️ All jokes yall but im stressing rn ill pay somebody to negotiate a good price for me #newcar #cartiktok #honda #finance #dealership #hondacivic #foryou #joking #relax #cars ♬ original sound – 🗣️ Quotes 💯

Viewers say it’s common

In the comments section, many users expressed surprise at the high rate offered to the TikToker, with several encouraging her to not go through with the deal. That said, several other commenters stated that these higher rates are not unheard of in today’s market.

“Most first time buyers (young people) who have minimal established credit especially on big purchases and might only have small credit cards get this type of rate without a co-signer. Maybe not 19 but def somewhere in the teens,” a user wrote. “They aren’t just gonna hand out 3-5% to any and everyone.”

“My interest was like 24% for a 18k car my first time,” added another.

Others suggested different methods for getting the loan.

“Go to a credit union open up an account and start having money transfer from it,” detailed a commenter. “Then get pre approved for a car then go to the dealership with a check from the lender.”

“I have a 770 score, went to the dealer for a used car and they had the audacity to tell me 28% GOODBYE. Went to my credit union and got a 9%,” echoed a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to the TIkToker via Instagram direct message.

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