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‘Them $200-$300 car payments is gone, people’: Worker mocks customers who come into dealership looking for $200-$300 car payment

‘Stop coming to the car lot looking for $250 to $300 car payments!’


Tangie Mitchell


In a new TikTok, a car salesman tells viewers that $200-$300 monthly car payments are a thing of the past. 

Content creator Darryl Yates (@theyatesofficial) shares his “public service announcement” in the now-viral TikTok, which has garnered over 400,000 views as of Tuesday morning. 

“Let me tell y’all a little secret for the ones who don’t know real quick,” Darryl begins, filming himself on what looks to be a car lot.

“Them $200-$300 car payments is gone, people. Stop coming to the car lot looking for $250 to $300 car payments! The sh*t is gone,” he says.


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Darryl continues, sharing that even his cellphone bill is more expensive than $300 a month.

“My cellphone bill is about $400. You’re not gonna get nothing cheaper than that in a car payment. You can just pick up the phone and talk to somebody. A car is taking you across the world!”

“Stop coming to the car lot looking for $200-$300 car payments people. For real, stop!” he emphasizes again as the video ends.

In the comments, viewers reacted to Darryl’s public service announcement with disbelief and advice on how to get a $200-$300 car payment. 

“The devil is a lie. I’m getting a $300 payment sir,” one viewer declared.

“First stop letting the dealership handle your financing. Go to the banks and credit unions directly. That’s how I got my $300 payment,” another commenter advised.

“Just leave them cars at the car lot the prices will come down,” came advice from a third viewer.

Many commenters shared that they’re holding onto their older model cars—and their lower payments—to avoid the higher monthly cost of a new car.

“Mine is $323 and they’re begging me to trade it in. NOPE lol,” said one user.

“Yeahhhh exactly why I’m still driving my 2011 Honda Accord with no payment,” shared another.

“I’m holding on TIGHT to my paid off 2016 Toyota Highlander,” a third commenter wrote.

A recent NerdWallet article shared that the credit reporting agency Experian reported the average monthly car payment in the U.S. is $729 for new cars and $528 for used ones. 

Other recent reports have placed the average costs even higher, with data company Cox Automotive reporting in September a $770 average monthly payment for new cars and a $592 average payment for used cars, the article notes.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Darryl via Instagram message for more information. 

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