Toyota driver realizes he can’t turn off his new Camry

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‘Base model issue’: Toyota driver realizes he can’t turn off his new Camry. What’s going on?

‘Sometimes my Camry turns off while I’m driving because my keys fell out.’


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It’s pretty common for a car to have issues starting, but refusing to turn off? That’s a whole other problem.

That’s why this driver was confused when, no matter how much he jiggled his key in the ignition to power it off, it stayed on.

In the viral video, user @abusedslamry (who primarily posts glamour shots of his car on both Instagram and TikTok) is sitting in his Toyota Camry and puts the key in the ignition. He turns it this way and that way but all the lights on the vehicle remain on, indicating the car hasn’t shut off like he wants it to.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to do,” @abusedslamry says.

Car site Car From Japan offered the most comprehensive info on the issue. Given that Toyotas are under a Japanese company, these solutions may very well work.

The site warns that if your car’s engine isn’t turning off, you need to get it fixed right away. If the ignition system is a out of sorts the issue could affect essential functions like steering and breaking. If those things go out while you’re driving, the results could be deadly.

In the meantime put it into neutral or park while you figure out your next steps. Ideally, you’d call road side assistance or tae it to the mechanic right away.

The engine could be malfunctioning for a number of reasons, but these are the most common, according to Car From Japan:

  1. The electric is shot: If your turn signals still work and the engine runs smoothly when you drive it despite the car key being off, it may be an electrical issue. In this case replace the ignition switch.
  2. Power relay is wonky: The power relay is a switch inside cars that supports the performance of it’s electric components. It’s composed of a coil and various contact points. If you remove the relay and the car finally shuts down it means the relay needs to be replaced.
  3. Diesling: Diesling is when a car stays on even after it’s been turned off. You might have to replace the dripping fuel injector, or a random spark plug might be causing the issue.
  4. Button gone awry: If you have a car that uses a Stop/Start button to power on instead of a key the button may need replacement.
  5. Key stuck: If your key or ignition switch is stuck you can try wiggling the steering wheel white turning the key. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need a professional like a mechanic or locksmith.

Now, if you’re in a pinch, disconnecting the battery can stop the engine, but Car From Japan says this should only be done as a last resort and by a professional since it could cause electrical damage and other issues.

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Viewers in the comments section had a lot to say on the issue.

“Sometimes my Camry turns off while I’m driving because my keys fell out with a. Big bump,” a person complained.

“Base model issue,” one speculated.

“Drive to a Toyota dealer or call Toyota support,” a commenter suggested.

This isn’t the first time The Daily Dot has covered Toyota-related issues. In one video, a mechanic said a customer paid for an expensive tow when fixing the car’s issue cost pennies. In another a mechanic said that Camry cars kept needing to get their catalytic converter replaced. And another claimed that Toyotas aren’t as reliable as they once were.

The Daily Dot reached out to @abusedslamry for comment via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment, and to Toyota via email.

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