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The ‘Drake The Type of Guy’ meme, explained

Drake’s fans and haters are having a laugh at the rapper.


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Thanks to his roots in teen drama TV, Drake has always been particularly prime for the internet’s meme fodder. Recent events have certainly raised those stakes and brought back an almost-extinct meme format that has been around for over a decade.

Thanks to Kendrick Lamar, everyone’s back to talking about how the “Drake the type of guy” memes are back.

What is the ‘Drake the type of guy’ meme?

The ‘Drake the type of guy’ meme has been spotted on the internet since 2011. It often pokes fun at Drake’s rap persona, which vacillates between being sensitive and romantic to aggressive and violent.

Many fans think that all of the different faces of Drake are inauthentic and that he panders to what fans are looking for in the moment. This brings forth a conversation about what type of guy Drake really is, and people are having fun speculating.

These memes have been presented in many forms. From photo-based memes to the Twitter trend, there’s no corner of social media that hasn’t taken on having a laugh at the rapper’s expense.

What does ‘Drake the type of guy’ mean?

‘Drake the type of guy’ memes aim to start or add to ongoing social discourse about the rapper’s character. People often question where the line between Aubrey and Drake is, and this meme definitely explores that question.

Some of them are poking lighthearted fun at the rapper while some meme-makers are truly out to assassinate his character. Most of the millions who have engaged with these memes are in between and enjoying the hilarity on both ends.

While the height of “Drake the type of guy” memes was in the early-mid 2010s, the format — and all Drake memes — have been given new life by his beef with Kendrick Lamar. The back-and-forth between the two rappers has had music fans rapt in recent months, coming to a head throughout April into May 2024. The two spent a series of weeks sniping at each other in 8 tracks, released in a tête-à-tête fashion that escalated as the disses became more personal.

Examples of the ‘Drake the type of guy’ meme

As people debate the validity of Drake as a rapper, a man in the public eye, a businessman and more, they are once again discussing what type of guy he is, bringing the meme back to life.

Here’s just a few examples of the meme:

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