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For our messiest moments, the ‘Messy Bratz Doll Meme’ will do just fine

We are all the Messy Bratz Doll meme.


Angela Andaloro


Sometimes, you’re just having a messy moment. For those moments, there’s the long-beloved Messy Bratz Doll Meme. The well-used and much-loved reaction image makes the rounds on the internet every once in a while.

It reminds us that we never entirely get our act together. We’ve all got a disheveled day in us, and we’re using this meme to express it.

What is the messy Bratz doll meme?

The Messy Bratz doll meme is a reaction image depicting a Bratz doll that’s seen better days. The doll has her hair in a disheveled bun, with her glam shining through. The disheveled doll is also wrapped up in a sweater. Because who among us doesn’t need comfort when we’re falling apart, right?

All the relatable elements — the bun, the makeup, and the coziness — have made this an easy and accessible meme format for anyone looking for a laugh. It’s also not meanspirited, as many users often post it at their own expense.

Where did the messy Bratz doll meme come from?

The messy Bratz doll got its start and continues to be the most used on Twitter. It was first used on Twitter in 2017, posted in a since-deleted viral post, and immediately became a hit, with people declaring it a mood before the end of the year.

The meme also gained momentum from the Bratz challenge, a 2017 challenge across YouTube and Twitter where beauty fanatics were putting together glam looks based on their favorite dolls. Several fans picked the disarrayed doll to channel.

It’s also been co-opted into a fun and easy Halloween costume, with rapper Dreezy dressing as the doll for Halloween last year and tutorials made about the look finding their way to YouTube:

Bratz fans around the internet have debated which doll was used to make this hilarious meme come to life. Opinions seems split between Dana and Yasmin, with many believing it was the latter.

What is the meaning of the messy Bratz doll?

While many people use the messy Bratz doll meme to represent themselves as wrecks—whether for a moment or as a life vibe—the meme also has a spicy meaning. Some have joked that a messy Bratz doll meme post means that someone just got through with a messy hookup session.

Messy Bratz Doll examples

There are plenty of examples of the Messy Bratz Doll online. Here are a few of our favorites:

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In Body Image
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In Body Image
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In Body Image
In Body Image
In Body Image

If you don't know about what this means basically she was never yours it was just ya turn.. shawty just got folded.. it's over my boy. Focus on ya self

♬ original sound – JustaGuy
@younginyasha ibe texting "hahaha" a lot for a mf having a hahahard time 😭🤣😔🤣 #fyp #fypシ #trend #fypシ゚viral ♬ Barbie – JaidynAlexis

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