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Flores Amarillas is for the real lovers

🎶Él la estaba esperando con una flor amarilla🎶


Angela Andaloro


Flores Amarillas, or the gifting of yellow flowers, became a TikTok craze after starting as a sweet trend celebrating significant others across Latin America. Gifting flowers between lovers is a tradition as old as time. This trend puts a sentimental spin on that tradition and has been given new life by TikTok creators thanks to a telenovela song.

Not only has the song enjoyed popularity in its own right, but it has also helped launch a new tradition that celebrates people in love. Once or twice a year, in countries across Latin America, real lovers send yellow flowers to one another to showcase their devotion and adoration.

Flores Amarillas Origin

The Flores Amarillas trend was inspired by a song from an Argentinian telenovela for teens called Floricienta. The show, a quirky retelling of Cinderella, debuted in 2004. The following year, the song “Flores Amarillas” appeared in the show. The song’s main character, Florencia, dreams of receiving a yellow flower from her true love, as a sign of his feelings.

Él la estaba esperando con una flor amarilla
[He was waiting for her with a yellow flower]

Ella lo estaba soñando con la luz en su pupila
[She was dreaming about it with the light in her pupil]

Y el amarillo del Sol iluminaba la esquina
[And the yellow of the Sun illuminated the corner]

“Flores Amarillas” lyrics

The song appeared as a sound on TikTok in 2022. It quickly gained popularity as people posted yellow flowers along with hopes and dreams they were manifesting. So began the trend of sending flores amarillas to different people you care about.

This is celebrated on either March 21 or September 21 in various Latin American countries to coincide with the turn of seasons.

Flores Amarillas memes

There are a few varieties of Flores Amarillas memes out there. One kind imagines the kind of partner that would show up with yellow flowers, using influencers, celebrities, and even fictional characters as stand-ins for a dream partner.

And if you aren’t in a loving, nourishing relationship where you can expect cute gifts just because, you’re not left out of this meme. Another popular angle contains people snarkily joking about not getting flowers. Whether bemoaning their lack of prospects or celebrating their freedom, these memes also give a lot to laugh at.

The meme has also been mixed with Miley Cyrus’ song “Flowers” since its release in 2023.

Man leaves a small vial with a yellow flower pedal to female coworkers
Microsoft paint drawn yellow flowers that look phallic with the caption 'Para ti mejor amiga, tus flores amarillas, te amo.'
@fervdzzz/ X
A close up of yellow flowers
@_Luciernaga13/ X

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