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What are ‘Aura Points’? This meme somehow combines sports and metaphysics

Are you gaining or losing aura points from reading this?


Angela Andaloro


The internet is obsessed with the “four-letter word beginning with A.” Social media is abuzz with memes about the aura. While everyone’s talking about aura points stacking and dropping, some aren’t familiar with this area of the online discourse. But if you’ve ever heard of an aura before, you’re already a step ahead of the game. Here’s everything you need to know about the aura points memes.

What is aura?

In the metaphysical world, the aura is all about energy. A human’s aura is essentially an extension of their own energy surrounding their body, which can lead to charisma or a commanding presence, both of which bring a specific energy about you when you enter a situation.

Sports communities on Twitter — primarily basketball, wrestling, and soccer — praise players for bringing aura to their respective fields and courts to change the game.

Having an aura is a compliment. It’s winning mojo, that je ne sais quoi that people can sense just from being around you.

What are aura points?

Aura has been part of meme culture since before the 2020. There are a number of memes around the concept of aura, but the aura points memes that are currently trending came to be around 2023.

Aura points are based on the idea you’re tracking your big wins and your major fails. Of course, no one is actually keeping count and the numbers used are often random and huge. If you pull out a calculator because you’ve been keeping track of your aura points, consider them all already lost.

How do you gain and lose aura points?

Think of aura points the way you’d think about the point system in Harry Potter … or a kindergarten classroom, or anywhere else — you want gains. Gaining aura points means you’re vibing cooler, you own who you are, and people are taking notice. You can be mysterious or an ‘it’ girl, but when you’re comfortable in your energy and spreading that to others, you’re gaining aura points.

Be careful! In those less-than-cool moments, you can absolutely lose aura points. Walk into a glass door? You’re losing aura points. Snap at someone for no reason? Another loss. Keeping your aura points is all about maintaining good energy.

Aura points meme examples

Below, are some examples of aura points being discussed online.

It’s also trending on TikTok:

@etcestok 📈📉📉 @CringeMasterTik @Mika @morgane :D @agathe @clement #fyp #aura ♬ hahah do it jiggle – optane

Then hoping nobody saw

♬ hahah do it jiggle – optane
@randypandy143 aura is GONE #fyp #randypandy143 #foryoupage #aura #ex ♬ original sound – kdedit
@fwshadi aura (im lame asf) #aura #viral ♬ hahah do it jiggle – optane
@becca.fey like ouchhh #fyp #friends #highschool #classof24 #classof2024 #2006 ♬ hahah do it jiggle – optane
@maxpreps Who has the most Aura at your school? 😎👀 (Via @𝙺𝒆𝓇𝓮𝘮 ) #aura #studentlife #highschool #aurapoints #funny ♬ original sound – maxpreps

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