Sarah Palin trips on rocks, injures face, and uses the Facebook photos to bash Hillary Clinton

sarah palin

Photo via RogerGoun/Flickr

Palin vents on social media about other people, just like everyone else.

Sarah Palin is coming for Hillary Clinton—on Facebook of course. 

After recently tripping on some rocks and cutting up her face, Palin took to her Facebook account to show off the pictures of her wound and to bash Clinton at the same time. 

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Lately, many in the media have been getting on Clinton for not holding press conferences and for her lack of campaign events. Although the Democratic presidential candidate attends one-on-one interviews, some in the conservative media believe she is hiding for health reasons.

Others, specifically on the left side of the political aisle, feel questioning her health is sexist in its entirety. In disagreement with questioning a woman’s health as being labeled as sexist, Palin took her anger to Facebook in which she implied that she would call any man who asks about her own health a “mean ol’ sexist bully.” 

Just goes to show, everyone vents on social media from time to time—even physically wounded politicians.