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Kim Kardashian West/YouTube

Putin press secretary says Kremlin has learned a lot from Kim Kardashian

‘The new reality creates a perfect opportunity for mass disturbances.’


Audra Schroeder

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Does Vladimir Putin‘s press secretary have an opinion on Kim Kardashian? Of course.

In a recent New York Times piece about Russia’s growing media empire, Press Secretary Dmitri Peskov spoke about the massive dissemination of information online, and how Twitter has become a powerful agent of disruption. He singled out the influence of “this girl, from show business”: “Let’s imagine that one day she says, ‘My supporters—do this. This will be a signal that will be accepted by millions and millions of people. And she’s got no intelligence, no interior ministry, no defense ministry, no K.G.B.”

He continued: “The new reality creates a perfect opportunity for mass disturbances, or for initiating mass support or mass disapproval.”

Does this mean Kardashian is an agent of chaos? Is she just hiding behind makeup tutorials? What does this tweet really mean?

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