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Amy Poehler, ‘Parks and Rec’ cast tell off the NRA

How one GIF started a real-life feud.


Ramon Ramirez

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After using an old Amy Poehler GIF to hammer home its point on Twitter, the National Rifle Association is in a real-life feud with the cast of Parks and Recreation.

NRA pundit Dana Loesch appeared Wednesday evening on CNN’s Florida town hall about gun control. Loesch was congratulated by her employer for a job well done via tweet that included Poehler’s Leslie Knope character saying “thank you.”

But Poehler, show creator Michael Schur, Nick Offerman, and Adam Scott did not want their network comedy to be associated with the gun lobby. Schur tweeted on behalf of Poehler:

Their former castmates Scott and Offerman chimed in shortly after late Wednesday:

But the tweets may ultimately just help Loesch, a rising star for the gun lobby and conservative radio. She was profiled last month in the New York Times, and after the CNN town hall, she’s more famous and influential than ever. Loesch will deliver a speech on Thursday during the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Activist and Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez tweeted her own Parks and Rec GIF late Wednesday, this one lining up in agreement with former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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