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Israel just rescheduled an election because it conflicted with a Britney Spears concert

The people of Israel have reached a decision. They want to see Britney Spears.


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If you have any doubts that Britney Spears is still a titan of the music industry, consider this: An Israeli political party just moved an entire election because she was throwing a concert on the same day.

July 3 will mark Spears’ first ever appearance in Israel and, as you might imagine, it’s causing a bit of a stir. It also happens to be the date the Israeli Labor Party was set to elect a new chairperson. With both events taking place just blocks from each other in Tel Aviv, something had to give, and it turns out Britney had already snapped up all the security personnel.

A spokesman for Labor told The Times of Israel that the decision would “make it easier for people to reach polling stations” and added that there was “a difficulty in recruiting security guards.”

The election is now scheduled for the next day, for those of you who had hoped to attend both events.


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