young woman looking shocked with caption 'me clocking in this morning and getting an email from HR saying I can clock out forever'


‘Have the decency to fire me at the end of the day’: Worker says she received email from HR saying she could ‘clock out forever,’ sparking debate

'At least you were informed. My boss just stopped responding to my texts.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Aug 16, 2022

With the rise of remote work has come another phenomenon: remote firing.

As more and more employees are opting to stay home instead of returning to the office, offices are reorienting and figuring out how to apply their typical workplace conventions in a less-than-conventional work environment.

While this can include more positive aspects, such as streamlining meetings and having flexible scheduling, it also has a negative side. For example, though managers have discovered methodologies to properly fire people in an in-person space, they may lack the proper verbiage to tell someone to pack their bags over the internet.

Recently, a user went viral after sharing their story of being fired via Slack. Now, another user has gone viral after claiming HR sent her an email saying she could “clock out forever.”

The video, posted by user Rumsha (@styledbyrumsha), currently has over 245,000 views.


im hurt sisters

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In the comments section, Rumsha said she worked as a marketing coordinator in a “recruiting law firm” prior to her firing. 

Commenters offered their support for Rumsha, saying that management across industries needs to do better at handling both remote firings and firings in general.

“Have the decency to fire me at the end of the day so I don’t waste time getting ready the next day,” one user wrote.

“They had me clock in for two hours before firing me,” another recalled. “I threw my key at them.”

“At least you were informed,” a further user stated. “My boss just stopped responding to my texts.”

“They just called me all the way downtown yesterday to hand me a printed off email,” an additional user said of their firing.

“That’s truly the worst part about any job,” Rumsha wrote in response to a user describing their colleague’s firing. “You’re replaceable.”

Rumsha initially said that she was fired for making TikToks on the job. She later clarified that was not a full description of what actually led to her firing. Still, she notes that she’s in good spirits about the whole event.

“Nah it was cuz of more [than TikToks],” she wrote in a comment. “but you live you know?”

We’ve reached out to Rumsha via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Aug 16, 2022, 7:33 am CDT