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‘It’s just a job’: Worker cries over email she accidentally sent, sparking debate

'It’s PR not ER babes. You’re doing a great job.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Aug 30, 2022

TikTokers are urging an employee who works in marketing to not be so hard on herself after posting a video of herself crying over a mistake she says she made on the job.

In the TikTok, which was viewed 1.5 million times as of Tuesday, content marketer and social media manager Drue Stinnett (@druestin) says, “This is just a reminder that you work in marketing, and even if you make a mistake, no one’s going to die. It’s not worth crying over.” Stinnett is crying in the video and added in the caption: “did i fvck up an email that got sent to 700 people? yes. happy thursday.”


did i fvck up an email that got sent to 700 people? yes. happy thursday.

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Viewers are urging Stinnett to take her own “reminder” to heart, claiming that “It’s just a job” and that she’s doing her best.

“It’s PR not ER babes. You’re doing a great job,” one user wrote.

Others shared their own blunders on a job, reassuring Stinnett mistakes are bound to happen.

“I once accidentally called 300k people ‘Barbara’ in an email. I’m Senior Vice President now. You’ll be okay,” one reassured her.

“I once cried for like an hour because an email campaign I sent to 10,000 people said Mexico instead of New Mexico. we’ve all been there haha,” another said.

A third said not only have they sent the “wrong email” to 50,000 people, but they also “overspent a monthly budget by 190K.”

“I spelled ‘sandwich’ wrong on an IG reel to an account with 40m+ followers. Thought I was gonna die but I survived,” another said.

Another reminded Stinnett that it could be worse. “You could be the person who sent out the ‘come hang with Kate Spade’ email from Ulta,” they argued. Spade died by hanging in 2018. In May of 2022, Ulta sent out an email to promote the Kate Spade fragrance it sells in its stores with the subject line the TikToker referenced.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the marketer behind that email,” Stinnett said in response.

A Tessian study found that 29% of respondents have had an email blunder cost them their jobs. Forty percent admitted to emailing the wrong person, and 36% have made a cyber mistake that “compromised security.”

In a follow-up video, Stinnett explains what her email mistake entailed, warning viewers that “this is probably going to be a letdown.”

“The mistake I made was forgetting to update the ‘reply to email address’ on an email campaign that went out to about 700 people,” she says. “I know I probably look crazy for crying over that.”

Drue says she was having a stressful week, and the email error was the “cherry on top.”

She says she is now OK and that her manager was understanding about it.

“Hopefully it won’t happen again,” she adds. “But, honestly, We are all human, so I am looking forward to many more mistakes made in my career.”

Stinnett ponders whether she is “embarrassed” or “excited” that her initial video was viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

“I’ve really have loved hearing the mistakes you have made at work, and it made me feel a lot better yesterday,” she says.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Drue Stinnett via Twitter direct message and TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Aug 30, 2022, 3:28 pm CDT