Video shows customer using editing software on Target self-checkout computer

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‘Bro make the ps5 $10’: Customer uses editing software on Target self-checkout computer



Sarah Kester


Posted on Jul 17, 2023

Can’t stop, won’t stop. A TikToker has gone viral for taking his love of computer editing everywhere—Starbucks, baseball games, airport terminals, and now even Target.

In the viral video posted by @jellyhouse, the “CEO of editing every screen” hacks into a Target self-checkout computer and appears to be using editing software.

The user was totally in the zone as he wore headphones and worked quickly with a computer mouse. “LET HIM COOK,” the caption read with a fire emoji. 

@jellyhouse LET HIM COOK🔥 #editor #premierepro #target ♬ original sound – Jelly House

Meanwhile, a man’s voice on the intercom says, “Can we get security over to self-checkout.”

While it’s unclear if the video is real or fake, it’s gained lots of traction online with over a million views. 

In the comments, fellow editing enthusiasts appreciated the man’s dedication to the craft. 

“Bro got premiere pro in the checkout,” one person shared with a crying emoji. “The grind shall never stop,” another wrote.

A third was curious about what kind of computer specs the self-checkout has. “What specs does the self checkout pc have like is it a somewhat powerful machine or is it like windows xp era,” they wrote.

Others got a kick out of the call for security.  “The intercom,” this person wrote with a crying emoji. Another saw it as a branding opportunity: “‘Can we get security to self checkout’ new producer tag,” they wrote.

Others had more devious ideas, like using the screen to change some of Target’s prices.

“Bro make the ps5 $10,” asked one user. Another suggested outright setting up a game console on the self-checkout. 

This isn’t the first time Target’s self-checkout has gone viral on TikTok. In 2022, user @_pmathew3 posted a video of a regular register being turned into a makeshift self-checkout register. This led to a discussion on Target cutting corners to save a few bucks.

@_pmathew3 #target #cabincrew #fyp target @target ♬ suono originale – 🎧

“I guess they don’t have enough cashiers but do what ya gotta do, Target,” the TikToker said in the video.

In the comments, viewers discussed the fate of Target’s workforce.

“Unfortunately, most businesses replace registers with self checkout because it’s cheaper,” this user wrote. “Don’t have to pay a machine minimum wage.”

Another commented that customers should be getting paid for the new set up of basically being their own cashiers. “I feel like we should get paid for being our own cashiers ahahahahaa JK,” they commented.

The Daily Dot contacted @jellyhouse via TikTok comment and Target by email. 

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2023, 1:44 pm CDT