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Starbucks worker publicly embarrasses customer who mobile-ordered coffee with tons of customizations, sparking debate

'Dude mobile ordered this drink to f with us so I aired him out to the whole cafe.'


Laiken Neumann


Posted on Mar 2, 2022   Updated on Mar 7, 2022, 9:14 am CST

In a viral TikTok video, a Starbucks worker reads aloud a mobile order with a ton of modifications to publicly embarrass the customer, sparking debate on the platform.

“Some dude mobile ordered this drink to f with us so I aired him out to the whole cafe,” the user @oscurrrrr wrote via text over the video.

The customer ordered a venti iced white mocha with 15 customizations, including 12 blonde, long shots of espresso; several different syrups; Irish cream cold foam; and both mocha and caramel syrup.

The TikTok shows the Starbucks employee calling out the order by reading each of the customizations aloud. The customer laughs as he’s handed his drink, and the worker receives applause. 

With over 185,000 views, the video sparked debate in the comments about whether or not the order was a joke.

“That’s legit just a twenty dollar joke on him,” one user said.

“He just embarrassed himself what was the point..?” asked another.

Others wondered if the extensive list of modifications was simply what the customer wanted.

“Lolol imagine if thats just what homeboy wanted to drink,” one user said.

“Genuine question; how do you know it’s a prank? I get drinks that have a lot of modifications cus I’m picky agdsdfff,” said another.

However, many explained in the comments that modifications to that extent are unlikely to be an actual drink.

“Typically mods are coherent with the drink. Prank drinks are just people hitting buttons,” one user said. 

“They want 68oz of liquid in a 24 oz cup for starters,” said another.

Others argued that the Starbucks worker gave the customer exactly what he allegedly wanted: attention.

“You gave him the attention he wanted lol you lost,” one user said.

“I feel like he wanted attention. Let him walk out in silence with the syrup,” said another.

The Daily Dot reached out to user @oscurrrrr via Instagram messages.

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*First Published: Mar 2, 2022, 10:48 am CST