Laiken Neumann

Laiken Neumann is a Trending news editor based in Austin, Texas.

Haley Blais in front of yellow background with YouTube and blue musical notes overlay Passionfruit Remix

Lessons in internet authenticity with Haley Blais at SXSW

Indie-pop auteur Haley Blais could be considered a veteran of the vlog generation.

On Mar 23, 2023 by Laiken Neumann

Julio Torres and Tilda Swinton in PROBLEMISTA

Review: A24 film ‘Problemista’ is colorful, hilarious, and overwhelming

Julio Torres' directorial debut juggles cartoonish visuals, immigration anxiety, and artistic dedication. And it co-stars Tilda Swinton as a brash hyper-Karen.

On Mar 19, 2023 by Laiken Neumann

members of boygenius, phoebe bridgers, lucy dacus, and julien baker on stage at austin-bergstrom international airport

boygenius touch down at Austin International Airport for surprise SXSW set

'Are you allowed to say 'f*ck' at the airport?'

On Mar 14, 2023 by Laiken Neumann

Rachel Sennott stars as PJ and Ayo Edebiri as Josie in BOTTOMS

Review: Queer teen sex comedy ‘Bottoms’ is bloody absurd

No heart-wrenching take on girlhood, the sophomore feature from 'Shiva Baby' director Emma Seligman revels in slapstick melodrama.

On Mar 12, 2023 by Laiken Neumann

Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe's dress at MET gala

Marilyn Monroe’s dress reportedly damaged after Kim Kardashian wore it to the Met Gala

'What did they expect fr.'

On Jun 13, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

woman upset speaking in car (l) instacart logo on phone phone yellow clock shopping cart wooden block mini shopping cart on yellow and purple background (c) woman greenscreen tiktok pointing up to photo of full cart (r)

‘This shouldn’t be allowed to happen!’: Instacart shopper says a customer cancelled a 125-item order after she collected half of it—and Instacart paid her $7 for it

Instacart put her account under review when she requested more money for her time.

On Jun 12, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

Johnny Depp (l) Amber Heard (r)

‘Classic capitalism profiting off women’s suffering’: An online sex toy shop released a dildo based on Amber Heard’s alleged sexual assault, sparking backlash (updated)

'Whether you believe Amber or not, many people have been raped with bottles.'

On Jun 10, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

1) green starbucks logo of the siren 2) starbucks workers united organizers marching, holding up red signs reading 'fight starbucks union busting!'

Starbucks Workers United holds ‘Twitter storm’ after company permanently closed unionized store

'This exact behavior is whats fueling the move to unionize!'

On Jun 4, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

Homepage article image

‘The package is more well traveled than I am’: Woman says UPS damaged her $700 package, moved it around for 2 months, then threw it away

'You disposed of it. It’s not even yours to dispose of.'

On Jun 3, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

garbage man hand in trash back of truck about to grab kitten from trash pile (l) man holding crying kitten (c) three kittens in playpen caption 'They are all safe and doing great!!' 'no way'(r)

‘Makes me sick to my stomach’: Garbage collector rescues 3 kittens from trash compactor

'Garbage collection is such an under appreciated job.'

On May 21, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

woman in sunglasses showing screenshot (l) doordash bag (c) woman in shades laughing (r)

‘Just raise the base pay’: DoorDash driver says declining orders with minimum base pay and low tips can threaten ‘Top Dasher’ status

'Guess I'll never be a Top Dasher.'

On May 9, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

service dog in parking lot caption 'Uber is on a roll this week, the driver didn't say as thing, just drove off and canceled the trip when he saw me come out with a service dog. I know it's him because the license and car match. (l) uber logo white on black background (r)

‘That’s just not right’: Blind woman says Uber driver canceled ride, drove away after seeing her service dog

'They can't deny service dogs for any reason.'

On May 5, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

angry man (l) trailer park (r)

‘They’re gonna get evicted’: Man says trailer park management is trying to run residents out with unaffordable new rules

'They're making it so the people that live here can't afford to follow their f*cking rules.'

On May 4, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

woman making shocked faces at camera

‘This isn’t my responsibility’: Tenant says the smell of her apartment’s carpet is making her sick—and her landlord ghosted her

'No amount of Yankee Candle could ever get rid of this stench.'

On May 2, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

business man underpaying worker pennies dropping in hand (l) family dollar store outside (r)

‘We’re not working for pennies anymore’: TikToker turns down manager job at Family Dollar because it couldn’t offer $21/hour, sparking debate

'This is why all these stores still have hiring signs up.'

On Apr 29, 2022 by Laiken Neumann