man catches coworker bringing frozen pizza to work tiktok


‘She’s prepared’: Worker films co-worker showing up to shift with 2 Red Baron frozen pizzas

‘The Red Baron ones are low key the best.’


Melody Heald


A man went viral on TikTok after filming his co-worker arriving at work with two Red Baron pizzas in her arms.

The six-second video posted by user Dondon Starrz (@dondonstarrz) shows his co-worker walking up the sidewalk with two frozen Red Baron pizzas in her hands.

“This is what bitch is walking to work with. Get the fuck, go back to the car,” he tells his co-worker as she laughs hysterically while entering the building. “She got two of ‘em,” Starrz finishes.

@dondonstarrz @A.nasty #fyp #work #pizza #hotandready ♬ original sound – Dondon Starrz

The video amassed over 265,000 views as of Monday with many viewers enjoying how amused Starrz and his co-worker seem.

“I instantly love every person and part of this whole situation,” one person commented.

“Her laugh just gave me life,” another wrote.

“Lmao her laugh is awesome.. you both seem so fun to work with,” a third stated.

“Awwww we all need homies like both of you all fr,” one user said.

Other people agreed that Red Baron pizza is their favorite.

“Red Baron is superior tho,” one person said.

“The Red Baron ones are low key the best,” a second stated.

“Nah cause Red Baron is better than most pizza joints she got it right,” another agreed.

“Red Baron is the pinky up frozen pizza for us regular folks,” one user shared.

Some people jokingly didn’t understand what the “problem” was with bringing two frozen pizzas to work.

“I don’t see the problem,” one user wrote.

“You mad she brought lunch and dinner???” another asked.

“Looks like she brought some to share, what’s the issue,” a third joked.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dondon Starrz for comment via TikTok comment.

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