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‘If anyone knows an Alejandro, please tell him to check his bank account’: TikToker says he received DoorDash customer’s food ‘every 2 hours’

‘You think after Alejandro didn’t get his food the first time he would stop.’


Braden Bjella


A TikTok user seemingly won the DoorDash lottery this week after receiving a new DoorDash order “every 2 hours.” The only problem? He didn’t place any DoorDash orders.

Reno, Nevada-based TikTok user @hdfamilytreasures posted this curious occurrence to the platform just a few days ago, quickly accumulating over 2.4 million views.

“The day we got free DoorDash deliveries every 2 hours,” the text overlay on the first video reads.

Over the next few days, he documented the continuous string of orders from his mysterious benefactor, someone who simply goes by the name Alejandro.

@hdfamilytreasures not what we expected our first post to be but…this was too funny and weird 🤣 #doordashmistake #fooddeliverygonewrong #deliverymistake ♬ Stylish Jazz HipHop – Future Oriented Triad

In the first video, @hdfamilytreasures shares the initial string of deliveries, which he claims in comments came at “10am, 12pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm, 7pm and 10pm.”

The food includes steak and eggs, baked mussels, a box of donuts, a Red Robin burger (with extra garlic fries), fresh juices, chicken alfredo, and more.

“I seriously feel like this has to be some sort of joke that’s being played on me,” he says in the first video.

This continued for several days, with @hdfamilytreasures never discovering who “Alejandro” really was.

“If anyone knows an Alejandro, please tell him to check his bank account ’cause I could never afford this amount of food,” the TikToker urges in the “day 4” video.

@hdfamilytreasures Reply to @nottapickmedale ♬ original sound – Dole
@hdfamilytreasures Reply to @shawnalmccallum ♬ original sound – HighDesertFamilyTreasures
@hdfamilytreasures Reply to @bumbiess369 ♬ Alejandro – Skrillex Remix – Lady Gaga

In comments section, he says that he attempted to knock on the neighbor’s door but “no one answered.”

@hdfamilytreasures appears genuinely baffled by the deliveries, claiming in a later video that he was not orchestrating the stunt for views as he “[does] not have enough money to be making videos with hundreds of dollars of DoorDash a day.”

“I do think that this is going to be a mystery forever,” he says in the video. “I am very poor. It’s me, the girlfriend, and two babies in a studio apartment…I’m still getting free food, though. It’s kind of getting ridiculous.”

@hdfamilytreasures Reply to @ohno_its_johndoh ♬ Stylish Jazz HipHop – Future Oriented Triad

In the comments, @hdfamilytreasures says he attempted contacting the donut shop to figure out Alejandro’s full name, but the business was only able to disclose that his last name starts with “G.”

Commenters on TikTok were taken by this journey, with many wishing they had an Alejandro of their own.

“Alejandro happens to be the gift that keeps on giving,” one user wrote.

“Best day of this man’s life,” a second added. “Worst day of Alejandro’s tho.”

“Where does one get an Alejandro? asking for a friend,” a third inquired.

Others had theories as to how this may be happening.

“Plot twist he let his kid play on his phone and the kid keeps ordering random stuff,” a user speculated.

“At this point I think maybe Alejandro has a kid and maybe they’re the ones randomly ordering things idk either that or they’re secretly in love with u,” another contended.

“Me as a wife: I don’t want to cook and I’m just going to order his favorites as ‘Alejandro,’” another joked.

Apparently, the deliveries stopped after four days, with @hdfamilytreasures writing in the caption of another video that “Alejandro may not have sent food for a fifth day, but he’s with us in spirit.” In the caption of a different video, the TikToker wrote that “He still hasn’t gifted us anything since the fancy Italian food.”

He won’t be forgotten, though. As @hdfamilytreasures wrote in the caption of his most recent Alejandro update, “We miss you, Alejandro.”

They Daily Dot reached out to @hdfamilytreasures via TikTok comment.

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