Paul Flart: Security guard films himself farting for 6 months, gets fired

He has deemed himself the 'fart authority.'


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Posted on Aug 23, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 8:04 am CDT

A Florida security guard was fired from a hospital after documenting his farts via Instagram for 6 months, according to Vice. The account, called @Paulflart, touts upwards of 28 thousand followers and features over 70 videos of the ex-employee farting on the job. The security guard, who goes by Paul Flart online, has deemed himself the “fart authority.”

Since his first post on March 25, Flart has been consistently providing fart content to his audience, frequently letting it rip during downtime on his shifts. After his posts almost immediately gained traction, the account took on a brand of its own, inspiring laughs and hosting fart contests while followers heralded Flart as “legendary,” “genius,” and even requested special birthday farts from him. Through each toot, he was connecting with thousands across the world.

But no matter how noteworthy, you’ve eventually got to pay the cost to cut the cheese. On Thursday, Flart was fired from his security guard role upon his arrival to work. He recorded the confrontation on Instagram live for all of his followers to see.

While frequently farting may have been repulsive and unsanitary at its worst, the grounds for his job’s termination was actually based on his constant phone usage while at work. Although Flart, whose real name is Doug, has yet to disclose the name of the security company or the hospital he worked for, the company’s policy places strict prohibitions on cell phone usage and recording in uniform on a client’s private property. In the video, Flart notes that he has not shown logos or revealed the name of the company in his farting efforts.

Flart refused to provide his signature on the company’s write-up and did not stop recording the confrontation when asked. “That’s it, we lost the job guys,” he said.

If his following before being fired is any indication of the potential his platform has, he might just be okay. He explained to Vice that he plans to keep the Paul Flart train pushing and that he has merchandise coming soon for his supporters to purchase. “Paul Flart will continue in the future, please stay tuned,” he said in the video. “Thanks guys, appreciate all of you.”

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*First Published: Aug 23, 2018, 4:10 pm CDT