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‘Miss girl you are outside’: Server says patio customer demanded he ‘sweep’ up the ants that were outside

‘Unfortunately I cannot control the elements of the outdoors.’


Melody Heald


A server went viral on TikTok after he recounted a horror story about his experience serving customers on a patio.

User Brandon (@panerasputhylips) posted a video to his 1.3 million followers about what happened. Brandon says he had been working for three hours without a break, where he couldn’t go to the bathroom or take a sip of water. That’s when a customer got under his skin. 

@panerasputhylips Yesterday was so stressful but I made bank #serverlife #serviceindustry #fyp #customerservice ♬ original sound – Brandontylerss

“This lady has seen I have about seven other tables. She has enough nerve after I dropped off her entrees to ask me if the bugs were included with her meal this evening,” he says.

Initially, Brandon thought the lady was complaining about bugs on her plate. But then Brandon says she clarified, complaining about a “bunch of bees and ants everywhere.” 

“Well I wonder why you fucking dingbat, we’re outside,” Brandon says he wanted to tell her. Instead, he merely responded that they were outside.

“Well, can you at least sweep up the ants for me by my feet?” the customer allegedly asked. This sparked even more anger inside Brandon. The camera shifts to Brandon angrily sweeping his kitchen floor.

“I’ll sweep these fucking ants, you bitch,” he angrily mumbles.

However, Brandon was able to look on the bright side of the situation in the caption, writing, “Yesterday was so stressful but I made bank.”

Brandon’s video has been viewed over 405,000 times as of Saturday. Many people in the comments resonated with the video as they shared their similar experiences working with rude customers.

“This lady literally saw me sob bc stress then still came over to me n said ‘hi honey ik ur not having a good day, but could u take our group pic,’” one user shared.


“One time, a bird pooped on a kid on patio, and she yelled at one of my managers for 10 minutes,” a third said.

“My life everyday” a viewer wrote. “I tell them the bugs are a part of the outdoor experience and if they don’t like it they can sit inside.”

One person said they would’ve told the customer, “no” about sweeping the ants away. Brandon replied to the message, saying, “Look I had just had a breakdown before that so I was just on auto pilot after that.”

When a viewer commented asking if he did indeed sweep up the ants, Brandon replied: “ofc [of course.]”

The Daily Dot reached out to Brandon for comment via Tiktok comment.

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