NPR’s Declaration of Independence tweets upset Trump supporters

It’s sure says something when people begin mistaking excerpts from the most famous document in U.S. history as subtweets about our 45th president.

Which is exactly what happened when NPR decided to tweet out the entire Declaration of Independence, straight from the National Archives, catching the attention of Trump supporters thinking the account was really going off about President Donald Trump.

Of course, out of context some of these tweets appear to take some sort of political stance for human rights. Because, well, they are political, because they’ve come directly from a call to remove the U.S. from British rule.

And so quite a few of these lines (again, out of context) garnered great attention.

Trump’s supporters grew particularly prickled at this line about, uhh, princes who come off as tyrants

Of course, as easy as it is to respond with vitriol to a tweet you think is about the president you support, it’s just as simple to delete them once you’re dragged through the internet and back.

But screenshots? Much like this historical document, those are forever.

H/T @ParkerMolloy

Samantha Grasso

Samantha Grasso

Samantha Grasso is a former IRL staff writer for the Daily Dot with a reporting emphasis on immigration. Her work has appeared on Los Angeles Magazine, Death And Taxes, Revelist, Texts From Last Night, Austin Monthly, and she has previously contributed to Texas Monthly.