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‘OG spot’: McDonald’s worker hides behind rack to decompress at work

‘When you’re sick of all the bs at work.’


Melody Heald


A McDonald’s worker recently went viral on TikToker after recording their co-worker hiding behind a rack to escape the stress of work—a not-so-unique coping mechanism, according to viewers.

User Tyler Sacca (@frslow_tyler) records the back of the store, where boxes of condiments are stored on the carts and supplies on the floor. He zooms in behind a long metal rack to reveal one of his co-workers hiding, taking a deep breath, and trying to decompress while sipping a drink.

“When you’re sick of all of the bs at work,” Sacca wrote in the text overlay.

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The video racked up over 71,000 views since it was posted on Oct. 19, resonating with several food service workers.

“That was me but with a cart,” one viewer wrote.

“same here. I do the same at my mc’donalds,” a second agreed.

“Hell yea that me when is a Monday that’s what all the rude customers be coming in,” a third said.

Sacca responded in the comments, agreeing that the small crevice behind the racks is the “OG spot.”

Other viewers shared their favorite hiding spots to take a break at work.

“Bro dead ass i was a maintenance at a mcdonald’s & i was chillen always listening to the music,otp & smoking on the roof,” one person shared.

“My spot was the walk in fridge and my coworkers hangout by the dumpster cause someone brought a tent so they made a whole set up,” a second commented.

“Bruhh I used to do that when I worked at McDonald’s in the dry stock room,” a third stated.

There were people asking how the worker even managed to fit back there.

“Tutorial on how you get back there pls,” one requested.

“How tf does he get there,” a second asked.

Someone even criticized the hiding spot, writing, “until someone moves one of those racks and squishes his little ass lol.’

Sacca replied to the comment, clarifying that the worker was supposedly inside the rack, not behind it.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tyler Sacca via TikTok comment.

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