mcdonalds employee shares she takes customers points tiktok

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‘Cause why would I pay for sumn if I work here’: McDonald’s workers uses customer’s orders to gain app points, sparking debate

‘I don’t get why so many people are mad it’s free points.’


Natasha Dubash


A McDonald’s worker admitted to using customers’ orders to gain points on her personal account.

User tjdadon (@boujieeja) posted her video to TikTok and quickly amassed over 2.2 million views.

The video has text overlay that reads: “Me when I successfully use y’all orders to gain points.” The McDonald’s worker proves her claim by showing a screenshot of her McDonald’s account. 

@boujieeja cause why would i pay for sumn if i work here 😐 #fyp #foryou #mcdonalds #mcdonaldstok #greenscreen ♬ original sound – AMAHREE

Using points to make purchases can really pay off, and the employee’s account, with a total of 95,330 points, will probably get her more than a few burgers at the fast-food chain. In the caption, she asks, “Cause why would I pay for sumn if I work here.”

Viewers were divided in the comments section, and many expressed strong feelings about the worker’s claim.

A number of current or ex-workers at McDonald’s and other fast-food establishments that use a points system also admitted to doing the same thing.

“I used to do that at tropical smoothie,” said one person. 

Another ex-worker said that, “I done this so many times when I left McDonald’s, I had over 100k points.”

One person also admitted to doing something similar at Bath & Body Works saying, “When I worked at bath & body and when people didn’t have phone numbers to plug into our rewards. I’d put my own.”

However, it’s unclear how severe an offense it is for a worker to take a customer’s points at McDonald’s, with some claiming to have been fired for doing so and others saying they just got off with a warning. 

“Last McDonald’s I worked at fired two employees for doin this. One of them got like 170,000 points,” recounted one ex-worker, who saw harsh consequences being dealt out as punishment for the scheme. “When I worked there, I had a co worker get fired for that,” another warned. 

But one employee claimed they were only reprimanded for the offense. “I got caught, the store manager told me to stop bc it’s ‘Fraud,’” they said.

A lot of people were incensed by the McDonald’s worker taking the customer’s points and went as far as to threaten to report the worker to corporate. 

“Start looking for another job. I expect a part 2 when you get let go, don’t forget thanks,” said one user. Another simply said, “911,” presumably threatening to call the police.

There were so many threats to get the worker fired that she made a number of follow-up videos showing herself at work on days after the original post, proving she is still employed there. The worker also does not appear to be worried about potentially losing her job as her pinned comment reads: “& if I do get fired I mean ok cause I’m tired of being in the back window anyways, it’s brick.”

Others didn’t see the harm in the worker misallocating points to her McDonald’s app.

“I don’t get why so many people are mad it’s free points. If the people didn’t claim them she did,” one person argued on behalf of the McDonald’s worker. Another added, “Honestly if u only do it for people who don’t have the app I don’t see why not,” referring to the fact that customers without the app would be forfeiting the points anyway.

The Daily Dot reached out to tjdadon via Instagram direct message and to McDonald’s via email.

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