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‘Now you know what kind of person she is’: Musician comes with receipts after woman accuses him of standing her up in viral video

‘Dodged a Bullet.’


Sarah Kester


One woman has gone from victim to villain after a musician came forward with receipts to disprove the claims that he stood her up.

In her viral video, which by Wednesday had been viewed more than 1 million times, Shelby (@shelbysnazzz) went through all the stages of excitement over the guitar player, American Dream Machine’s Mitch LoBuglio, coming to Phoenix to visit her.

“I met a guy on TikTok after commenting on his band’s video,” she wrote in the text overlay. In various clips, she reenacted talking to him online and being excited after he booked a plane ticket.

@shelbysnazzz It be like that sometimes… @American Dream Machine @Mitch LoBuglio #emo #elderemo #tiktokromancestory #bandguys #fyp ♬ Dead – American Dream Machine

A month out from the visit, she recorded herself dancing while at a sports game with her son. His band’s music played in the background while she shared some of the sacrifices she made, like picking up extra shifts so they would have more money to do fun things together. 

“Getting super pumped and jamming to their songs everyday,” the text overlay read as her excitement reached a peak. Another clip showed her putting on lipstick in the car. “Start feeling super cute cuz I’m excited for him to visit.” 

This excitement came to an abrupt end when the next clip showed her looking sad in bed. “NEVERMIND he didn’t come,” she wrote. 

Even though Shelby didn’t specify why LoBuglio didn’t visit, people assumed that he had stood her up and proceeded to slam the musician in the comments.  

“Another super douche. Band guys suck. I dated a few drummers. Biggest flakes ever,” user @mel shared. 

“He’s a grown man in a band you should have known that he’s a loser,” another wrote. 

A third even attacked his looks. “Ummm he ugly as f*ck girl. You can do better.”

Viewers also left negative comments on the page for his band.

But then the plot thickened once the musician had enough of the harassment and decided to make his own video with the receipts to prove that he never stood her up. 

In LoBuglio’s video, which has been viewed more than 2 million times, he shared that he, too, was excited to meet Shelby after talking online. He showed proof of the airplane ticket that he bought for Aug. 10. But in order for the trip to happen, he had to submit a time off request at work. 

When this was denied, Mitch texted Shelby a screenshot to let her know.

“She was not happy about it,” Mitch said. “I was really bummed, but I truly, truly, truly need this job.” 

In one of their text conversations, he explained that he was broke and couldn’t afford to miss a week of work. He also explained in the video that he needed the job to attain health benefits for medical issues.

He found out about Shelby’s viral video when she texted him about it while he was at work. “Ur about to go viral. Ur welcome,” the text read. 

“She let you guys drag me and my band through the mud,” he said. 

@mitchlobuglio Here’s the receipts. @shelbysnazz3 #why #greenscreen ♬ Dead – American Dream Machine

In response to the video blowing up and Mitch getting harassed, one of Shelby’s texts read, “Sorry. Better get Friday off and come visit.” 

Mitch reminded her again that he couldn’t get the days off to come visit her. Although viewers were convinced that Mitch ditched Shelby, she admitted in a text that he didn’t ditch her. 

“We both know that nobody got ditched. Nobody got ghosted,” he explained. 

But when he asked her to take the video down, she refused. 

Now that both sides have been shared, people are feeling sorry for Mitch being painted as the bad guy. 

“I’m so sorry that this happened to you. It’s not right, nor fair,” one user wrote. 

“I’m so glad I got to see your side!” another said. “Honestly I thought it felt like there was more to her story. People aren’t nice.” 

Some viewers even admitted to initially taking Shelby’s side. “Crap I really felt bad for her. I’m sorry for jumping the gun,” one person commented. “I’m glad you posted your side. That was pretty shady as f of her.”

“I am definitely at fault for partaking in the dogpiling, especially after the rushed video calling her crazy,” another added. “I’m sorry you’re receiving such cruelty.”

Others believe that the whole situation is a blessing in disguise. “Dodged a Bullet, my guy,” one user commented. 

“Now you know what kind of person she is,” a third wrote. “Saved you time, energy and money in the long run.”

There may be another silver lining, as Mitch has received messages from interested women. 

“Well, Mitch, I’m single and sane, so what’s up?” a woman shared. “(A half joke like yeah I’m shooting my shot but I mostly hope you laugh because I’m so sorry.)”

“Come see me in Athens instead,” another wrote with a laughing emoji. “I can make you pee your pants laughing (but I’ll make you drink a ton of water beforehand).”

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