Man says he slept in ex's bed while she was on vacation

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‘Still know ur house code’: Man says he slept in ex’s bed while she was on vacation

'I would call the cops and move away.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 10, 2023

Everyone has done ridiculous things after a bad breakup, like stalking their ex on social media or calling them repeatedly while intoxicated.

But one man may have taken things to the extreme when he posted a video of himself allegedly sleeping in his ex’s bed while she was on vacation.

In a TikTok posted on Monday, Garrison (@garrison.kingg) shows himself in his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom with all the lights off. 

“POV: you miss your ex so much u break into her house and sleep in her bed while on vacation,” he wrote in the video’s overlay text. 

“Still know ur house code @aspenrosnerr,” he captioned the video.  

On Thursday, Garrison’s video had almost 3.4 million views.

@garrison.kingg Still know ur house code @aspen rosner. #xyzbca #fy #fyp #ex #vacatio ♬ Wltn.jjj – Lison☆

Many commenters on Garrison’s video were worried about his behavior. Breaking into someone’s house could lead to aggravated misdemeanor penalties or felony penalties. If convicted, both charges could land someone years of jail time and fines. 

“Stalker who?” one user commented. “That‘s a crime,” wrote another.

“That’s actually insane,” a third wrote. A fourth commented, “I would call the cops and move away..”

One shared that this is a prime example of a toxic relationship. “If his like this I wont hesitate to call the police because this kind of toxic relationship that I don’t want to experience in my life,” the person said.

But there were some who wished that their ex had the same level of dedication.

“If he’s not like this I don’t want him,” user @katherine wrote. “I wish my ex would do this,” another commented.

Other users were horrified at people glorifying toxic behavior. “You all be saying if he ain’t like this I don’t want him but bro that’s actually so scary,” a person stated.

Since some users were curious if it was his ex’s bedroom, they went to Aspen’s TikTok page and confirmed it was the same.

“Nah bc I went to her tt nd that’s actually her room,” a user wrote. While there, people saw that Aspen had posted videos, looking unbothered about the whole ordeal.

“If one more person tells me theres someone in my house,” she captioned one video.

There was a major twist in her latest video, which showed her replying to the comment, “Yo ur ex in your home.”

@aspenrosnerr Replying to @💜Kat💜 ♬ Just A Girl – No Doubt

“Ya I know,” Aspen wrote in the text overlay—while she sat next to her ex. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Garrison and Aspen via TikTok comment for clarification. 

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*First Published: Aug 10, 2023, 4:16 pm CDT