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Video shows moment coach disarmed student of shotgun, then hugged him

'I just held him and told him that I was there to save him.'


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Posted on Oct 20, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 1:01 am CDT

Newly released security camera footage shows an Oregon high school football coach disarming a student and then embracing him afterward. 

Angel Granados-Diaz, 18, arrived at Parkrose High School with a shotgun with one round in it on May 17. Granados-Diaz was suffering from a mental health crisis at the time.

“Through the course of the investigation, it became clear to law enforcement and our office that Mr. Granados-Diaz did not have the intent to hurt anyone other than himself while at Parkrose High School,” deputy district attorney Parakram Singh said, per KATU

In the video, Keanon Lowe, who is also a security guard at the high school, can be seen backing out of a room with the gun in his hand. He is moving away from Granados-Diaz and then hands the gun off to another faculty member. 

Lowe then embraces Granados-Diaz in a prolonged hug. 

In the lead up to what was shown in the video, Granados-Diaz expressed suicidal feelings to a classmate, and in turn, the classmate reported to faculty.

When Lowe was searching for Granados-Diaz to bring him into the office, Lowe found Granados-Diaz with the gun. Granados-Diaz tried to fire the gun at himself, but it didn’t go off. And that’s when Lowe successfully disarmed Granados-Diaz, according to KATU.

“When I signed up to be a Security Guard, Football and Track & Field Coach for Parkrose High School, I did so to guide and coach young people whose shoes I had once been in. I had no idea, that I would one day have to put my life on the line like I did yesterday for my students,” Lowe tweeted in May.

In May, Lowe was hailed a hero among those familiar with what transpired. Following the release of the now-viral footage, many outsiders are expressing similar sentiments.

“Stunning surveillance footage captured the moment an unarmed black high school coach in Oregon, disarmed a student with a shotgun and then embraced him,” Twitter user @escapedmatrix wrote. “He saved lives, and showed the mentally ill kid compassion. Keanon Lowe is his name. #BigBossHeroes.”

Some thought Lowe’s actions contradict the National Rifles Association’s (NRA) favorite defense of gun violence needing to be combatted with a “good guy with a gun.”

“It wasn’t a ‘good guy with a gun’ that stopped this massacre, it was a ‘good guy with a hug.’ His name is Coach Keanon Lowe,” Twitter user @King_Of_Shade wrote.

Lowe told Oregon Live that Granados-Diaz “didn’t really say anything … I just held him and told him that I was there to save him.”

Granados-Diaz reportedly legally purchased the gun and had been suicidal for several months in the lead up to the incident.

Granados-Diaz has since pleaded guilty to two charges–one count of unlawful possession of a firearm in a public building and one count of unlawful possession of a loaded firearm in public–and was sentenced to three years of probation.


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*First Published: Oct 20, 2019, 7:38 pm CDT