Jovan Hill sexual assault

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Influencer Jovan Hill accused of sexual assault

Hill apologized and claims he was too intoxicated to remember what happened.


Eilish O'Sullivan


Posted on Jun 21, 2020

Influencer Jovan Hill was accused of sexually assaulting someone while they were passed out.

A Twitter user, @WhiteyPPG, who was later identified as “Riley” by Hill, said that Hill “pressured” him into getting heavily intoxicated at a bar. Riley said Hill then “tried to have sex with me while I was past (sic) out and didn’t stop until I said ‘Stop I’m too drunk’ like 3 times.”


Riley said he knows Hill has sexually assaulted others.

“Trying to have sex with people while they are drunk asleep! Fuck you Jovan. I hope the other people he’s done this to come forward as well but oh well if not. Ayo everyone tho! Don’t rape or assault people it’s super easy lol,” he tweeted.


Riley said he was hesitant to speak out and didn’t want to get “mobbed” by people saying he’s lying or clout-chasing.

“And it took a while to think it over and yeah it was not cool at all and he hasn’t spoken to me since because he fuckin knows what he did. I’ve been nervous to say anything because cancel culture is lame and being a male rapper coming forward about this stuff is weird,” he tweeted.

Riley, a musician and comedian, added that he wants to be known for his own accomplishments, not “ruining someone’s shit.” “In fact, I wouldn’t care if he has a career still – I just want him to stop,” he tweeted.

Jovan Hill sexual assault

Hill apologized in an Instagram statement, saying he also “wasn’t in a state to consent” and doesn’t recall the incident.

“I’m not trying to remove accountability from myself with this but we were both drunk to the point I wasn’t sure how or why I was in his room the next morning confused I don’t have any recollection of the night, so I’m going to take his word‬ about what happened,” he wrote.

Jovan Hill sexual assault

Hill said that he wishes Riley would have talked to him about what happened and that “being drunk doesn’t make me innocent.”

“I used to drink to the point of blacking out so I don’t know how I behaved, none of this is an excuse and I understand if people are uncomfortable following or supporting me,” he wrote.

He added while he has no “‘proof'” to defend himself, he doesn’t want to downplay Riley’s “experiences that night.” “Regardless I clearly have both a drinking and boundary issue that need to be addressed,” he wrote.

Hill, who claimed he tried—but failed—to get in touch with Riley following the allegation, then addressed Riley directly and apologized.

“This is serious to me and I don’t want it to look like I was ignoring it‬. If there’s anything I can do for Riley, you can contact me if you’re comfortable and I am honestly sorry. Sorry again to anyone I’ve ever possibly made feel this way,” he wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Riley.


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*First Published: Jun 21, 2020, 10:49 am CDT