white woman calling police on unarmed Black woman in hollywood karen video

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Video appears to show white woman calling cops and lying about a Black woman being armed

'You’re putting my life in danger.'


Sierra Juarez


Posted on Jun 30, 2020

A video shows a white woman appearing to call the police and lie to them about an unarmed Black woman having a weapon after they got into an argument in a Hollywood building.

Amour Holloway began to record when the white woman approached her and told her to leave the building. Holloway said she did not live in the building but that a resident invited her into the lobby to sit down because she wasn’t feeling well.

In the video, the white woman approaches Holloway and immediately tells her to get out of the building and calls her a “homeless freak.” Holloway shot back that she was not homeless, but the woman, who is a resident of the building, cut Holloway off before she could explain that she wasn’t feeling well. The resident continued to yell at her while Holloway tried to speak.

“Okay, Karen, really? We got a whole lot of you right now,” Holloway said referencing the countless videos of white women acting privileged, racist, or entitled.

That’s when the white woman appears to call the police. While on the phone, the resident appears to tell the police that there’s a woman “holding a weapon” in her building. Bystander and resident Chevy Chen who originally shared the viral video begins to defend Halloway.

“She does not have a weapon,” Chen yelled in the background of the woman’s phone call.

Holloway thanks Chen and then says that the only thing she has in her hands is a yoga mat.

“When you actually say someone has a weapon and you call the police, then you’re putting my life in danger,” Halloway told NBC Los Angeles.

Chen tried to intervene and talk with the other resident, and in response, she reportedly coughed on Chen and said she had the coronavirus.

“It feels really horrible to be coughed on and that really messes with you,” Chen told NBC Los Angeles.

Since the incident, Chen said he has gotten tested for the coronavirus and was negative. Chen has filed charges against the woman. It’s unclear if Holloway has done the same.


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*First Published: Jun 30, 2020, 10:36 am CDT