Hinge dating app open on phone screen in jean pocket (l) Hinge chat with voice memo playing with caption 'SOUND ON I AM blank CRYINGGGGGGG LMMMAAAAOOOOOO' (c) person with hand on face laughing (r)

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‘Not the trickle AND flush’: Hinge match sends voice memo while peeing

‘I cannot make this up.’


Sarah Kester


Some people’s dating life is in the toilet—literally. A woman on TikTok says that a match on the dating app platform Hinge sent her a voice memo while he was peeing and flushing the toilet.

“I cannot make this up,” TikTok user Jasmine (@jasminekazooie) captioned her viral video of the dating faux pas. By Tuesday, the video has amassed over 124,900 views. 

@jasminekazooie I cannot make this up #hingevoicememo ♬ original sound

Her TikTok shows a screen recording of her conversation with a man named Donovan. He used the voice recording feature on the app to respond to Jasmine saying that she likes his smile.

But his voice wasn’t all she heard.

A loud trickle of urine into the toilet plays before he starts speaking. “While thank you, Miss Jasmine. I like yours, too, honestly,” he finishes before flushing the toilet.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jasmine via TikTok comment. There was plenty of conversation in the comments with people shocked and appalled at the man’s behavior.

“He HAS GOT to do time for this,’” a woman wrote. “I’m sorry WHAT,” commented user @joeynoble.

“I would actually be in shock and disbelief,” a third commented.

“Not the trickle AND flush,” added another.

Some shared that receiving a voice recording like that would immediately make them leave Hinge.

“This would make me delete the app,” a woman wrote.

Others were concerned that this is a scary reality check of what dating has become.

“The dating pool seems scary rn idk Lmfao,” one shared.

“We MUST start planning to become rich and single because there’s no way these are the options,” another seconded.

Jasmine’s video served as a warning to a woman who has allegedly seen Donavan on Hinge.

“This same exact guy liked me on Hinge,” she wrote. “This just confirmed my thoughts to not match lmao.”

This isn’t the first time Hinge went viral for a voice recording. In 2021, women across TikTok shared their hilarious experiences with “voice prompts.” This is a feature that allows users to respond to questions on their profile with a voice recording rather than just text. 

TikTok user Melissa Mark shared her experience with the feature, writing, “I was going to delete Hinge but then they came out with the audio feature.”

@melissamerk What a time to be alive #hinge ♬ original sound – Melissa Merk

Her video showed some of the weird answers she heard, like a man who says that his “unusual skill” is being able to “drive with his knees.”

Another man responded to the question prompt of “an overshare.” 

“I was feeling super stressed so I went to the doctor and she gave me some pills for anxiety, so I tried them out, and I ended up adopting six pet rats,” he said.

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