People are sharing their wholesome stories with #Hey19YearOldMe

‘You’re gonna come out as trans and it goes okay.’


Siobhan Ball


People are looking back on their younger selves with the Hey19YearOldMe hashtag.

Started by @HashtagRoundup, the trend has people sharing their heartwarming, meaningful, and even funny stories. Most people, especially within the LGBTQ+ community, are sharing how their lives got better since they were a teen.

“You’re good enough. you’re not lonely and you’re loved #Hey19YearOldMe,” Twitter user @basmaasker wrote.


Some Twitter users who are currently 19 years old find the hashtag a little weird. “#Hey19YearOldMe, it’s been a few months now. I wish you could love and trust yourself a bit more because you nice keep going. But stop procrastinating your driving license you stupid brat,” Twitter user @floweretjimin wrote.



Some are sharing sensible advice for their younger selves, while others are sharing cheeky calls for YOLO (You Only Live Once)–the responses ranging from, “#Hey19YearOldMe you are not fat” to “Steal more drinks.”



Some are sharing investment advice: Invest in Amazon, Google, and Apple. Do not invest in Beanie Babies or Enron.


And many are assuring their younger selves that everything turns out fine over time. The LGBTQ community is especially represented in this last chunk. “#Hey19YearOldMe I’m very proud of you for #comingout! It may not seem like it right now, but @ItGetsBetter! #25years #LGBTQ,” Twitter user @thegratefulboss wrote.

Other advice includes urging their younger selves to stop pretending to be straight, go see a therapist, and to break up with their boyfriends.

“#Hey19YearOldMe, you’re trans! In about a year you’re gonna start trying to untangle the web that’s been bothering you all your life, and it’s gonna be a long 7-8 years. If I could spare you that, I would. You’re trans, girl, embrace it,” Twitter user @JessicaJArmst wrote.

“Your gay and it’s okay. Jesus doesn’t hate you and you don’t need to hate yourself for something you can’t control. I know you keep trying to pray the gay away but eventually you’ll learn to love yourself for exactly who you are,” Twitter user @jazzyshmazzy3 wrote. “Also, stop crashing your cars.”








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