when I was 18 hashtag

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This hashtag has people looking back and laughing at their 18-year-old selves

Oh, you think you grown now?


Stacey Ritzen

Internet Culture

Ah, to be 18 again—young, carefree, and naive. Also, old enough to be eligible for jury duty, getting drafted into the military, and tried as an adult but not old enough to drink. Actually, when you think about it, 18 is kind of a bullshit year to be alive.

Yet, for nearly all of teenagers hitting the milestone, 18 is a very, very big deal, which makes looking back on the age even more hilariously cringe-worthy. Oh, you thought you were super an adult because you lived in a college dorm and had to fend for yourself which probably included getting all of your meals in a cafeteria and being on your parents’ health insurance plan?

As such, earlier this week the hashtag “What I Thought When I Was 18” began trending on Twitter, as people remembered their younger, dumber selves—whether that entailed illusions regarding love, money, or jobs to solo road trips without cell phones (if you one even imagine, nowadays).




Well on that depressing note, we’ll leave you with another tweet probably far too many of us can also relate to in the age of #adulting and extended cases of arrested development. Cheers to many more years of poor life decisions!


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