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‘The perfect fit is only a few cuts away’: Influencer shares hack for sheet face masks



Sarah Kester


For a beauty product that’s intended to make people pretty, sheet face masks look terrifying. That’s because most sheet face masks are too big for people’s faces.

But an influencer on TikTok has just the beauty hack for that.

“Most of the time, there’s always something off about how a sheet mask fits but the perfect fit is only a few cuts away!TikTok influencer Annay Time (@annaytime) captioned her video, which had been viewed more than 10,500 times by Wednesday afternoon.

@annaytime ✂ Most of the time, there's always something off about how a sheet mask fits but the perfect fit is only a few cuts away! ⁣⁣ #sheetmask #skincarehacks #sheetmasks #annaytime #skincaretipsforyou ♬ 原聲 – mycatso_cute

Her viral hack shows her wearing the sheet mask straight out of the package. Since it’s too big for her face, the material is all bunched up. 

Then, Annay shows the cuts people can make with scissors to ensure the perfect fit every time.

She starts by cutting a slit on the bridge of the nose (careful not to cut your actual face!), above the mouth, and down the middle of the chin, so the bottom of the mask splits in two.

After making these cuts, she tightens the mask to fit her face flawlessly. “SO much better!” Annay wrote on the text overlay.

In the comments, people were super grateful for the brilliant skincare hack. “That is so genius!” a commenter wrote. “That is an amazing life hack,” another wrote.

A third shared that they wished they had known this hack before. “I should’ve watched this just before putting mine on,” they wrote. 

TikTok has become a hub for a plethora of beauty hacks. Some are advisable, like an influencer who discovered that you can buy brand-name nail polish, like Essie, from Dollar Tree, and others, well, need some consideration. One woman shared her hack for curling her hair on a radiator

Be careful with buying everything you see on TikTok, though; TikTok shopping can be addictive and, frankly, bad for the wallet and the body.

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