Republican Rep John Shimkus, pregant woman

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GOP lawmaker asks why men should pay for prenatal coverage

It seems Rep. John Shimkus forgot where he came from.


Jessica Machado


In the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s 27-hour marathon debate yesterday over Trumpcare, there is one comment that has left social media agasp: Why should men have to pay for prenatal care?

The question came from Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.), who took issue with some of the requirements across the Affordable Care Act. When Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Penn.) asked him to clarify what ACA mandate he had problem with, Shumkus replied, “What about men having to purchase prenatal care?”

At this point, you can see people in the room started to shuffle and mumble, according to video of the hearing.

“I’m just…is that not correct?” Shimkus continued. “And should they?”

While Doyle went back to arguing with Shimkus about healthcare not being an a la carte deal, the internet was not ready to let his comment slide, quickly pointing out that prenatal care is a universal concern, seeing that we all used to be babies and men are somehow involved in the process of conception.

In case Shimkus is worried about taxpayer-healthcare equality, he need not worry. Under the ACA, the American public pays for prostate exams and other preventive care measures that only apply to men. Some insurance companies even pay for Viagra.

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