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‘I will never do one of those street interviews again’: Streamer says popular TikTok creator set him up to look stupid in viral street interview

'So THAT’S why no one ever gets these questions right.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Oct 14, 2022

TikToker and Twitch streamer Jett Ashford (@jettashford) says that popular TikTok creator TNA Krish (@tnakrish) set him up in an edited version of a street interview that made Ashford look stupid.

Going viral is easier than ever but creators aren’t immune from posting questionable content. In a viral video, Ashford calls out fellow creator Krish for purposely editing his street interview to make it seem like Ashford didn’t know the right answer to a geographical question.

@jettashford #stitch with @tnakirsh ♬ original sound – jett ashford

Ashford’s viral video, which has garnered 3.9 million views, appears as a stitch with the original street interview. In the interview, TNA Krish asks Ashford what the capital of Europe is and the in the next clip Ashford appears to respond, “Russia.” However, Ashford calls out TNA Krish in the stitch, saying, “this is bullshit.”

“He asked me what the largest country was, and I said Russia,” Ashford clarified to his followers. “He’s clipping different answers together, this is not fair, this is bullshit.”

Viewers in the comments section seemed surprised by the news that the popular street interview TikTok account posts videos setting up people to look dumb with clever edits.

“So THAT’S why no one ever gets these questions right,” one person said.

“Suddenly everything makes sense about these videos,” said another. 

In a subsequent TikTok, Ashford followed up on the drama telling his viewers that he and Krish had a conversation and that all was good between them.

@jettashford #stitch with @tnakirsh ♬ original sound – jett ashford

“I reached out, I talked to him, there’s zero hate,” said the TikToker. Ashford went on to say that as a creator himself, he understands that his interview was just set up for the content and that Krish never meant any ill will by it.

However, Ashford learned a lesson from the whole experience. He ends the video by saying, “I did answer that question right and I will never do one of those street interviews ever again.”

The second video received over 39,000 views but viewers weren’t as quick to forgive Krish as Ashford was.

“Nah he knew what he was doing,” said one person. 

Another viewer called out Krish’s excuse that it was his editor who set up the interview to make Ashford look stupid.

“He only posted what his editor gave him? What kind of an excuse is that? Doesn’t he remember what you answered? Why would he still post it?” one viewer said.

“No it’s not okay?” another commenter said, taking Ahford’s side but also disagreeing with him. “How is it okay to edit a video of someone to make them look stupid and post them for mockery and without even their consent!!!”

Viewers were so incensed by the situation that they also took to the comment section of Krish’s original video to let him know he had been “exposed,” and calling on him to release the unedited clip. 

Krish responded by posting an uncut clip of him asking Ashford if he knew how many continents there were and if he could name them. However, viewers were quick to point out that this was an entirely different question from the one in the original video. They allege that the new video doesn’t prove that Krish doesn’t set up the interviews for failure.

“Says he will post proof but doesn’t post the Russia question,” one skeptical user said.

“Post the other full clip buddy. Don’t be shy,” another user taunted Krish.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ashford via email and Krish via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Oct 14, 2022, 3:47 pm CDT