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‘You just take everything you can’: Dunkin’ worker raids store after abruptly being fired

'Not him putting evidence for everyone to see.'


Phil West


Posted on Feb 6, 2023

A Dunkin’ employee claims he was fired—for the second time by the company—for a dispute with his manager over a recent hire. But the back story for his firing only came after he showed people how he stole from the store where he was fired just after it went down.

The pair of videos come from Chicago-based creator Tre (@tr3stacks), who posted the initial theft revenge video on Sunday, garnering more than 75,000 views in its first 17 hours on the platform.

The creator starts by declaring, “When you get fired from Dunkin’ on the spot, so you just don’t give a fuck, you just take everything that you can, you know?”

Then, showing his bounty of ice cream containers and donut boxes, he says, “Take all the fucking quarts I can, there’s more quarts in here. There’s a lot of donuts in here.”

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Commenters reacted with a mix of support and alarm.

One thought this a capital idea, saying, “I also jus got fired I’m gonna go next week to get my check and imma do this.”

Others, though, were concerned that he’d just posted evidence of a crime on TikTok, with one noting, “Not him putting evidence for everyone to see.”

The initial short video also prompted the question of why he got fired, so he recorded a video clocking in at nearly three minutes explaining what happened.

“Basically, this new guy came in when I started working yesterday,” Tre begins. He went on to explain, “I’ve never worked with somebody slower in my life. I’ve been there two years, and nobody’s ever been as slow as him. So I texted my manager, being like, ‘Yo, why did you hire this guy? Like, like, what’s up with this?'”

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He chronicled the conversation with the manager, which at first was cordial, but then ran into conflicting allegations. The manager accused the creator of being upset with the new co-worker’s presence by alleging the creator “only wanted to work with females,” whereas the creator contended that plenty of qualified workers—including some with Dunkin’ experience—had been turned away and that the new hire benefited from being of the same race as the manager.

“If we’re gonna play like that, you only hired a guy because he’s Indian,” the creator countered, noting “And my manager is Indian. And it’s run by all Indians.”

This did not sit well with the manager.

“So as soon as I said that,” the creator went on to say, “he freaked the fuck out. He was like, ‘Oh, you racist? I can’t work with you no more because you’re racist.’ And I’m like, ‘Bro, I’m making a good point … the only reason why you hired him is because he’s Indian.'”

The creator then alleged that the manager refused to hire Black people at the store, and after the conversation devolved a little further—which included the creator calling his manager “a little girl” for “being emotional,” the manager fired him.

The second video drew some speculation as to whether the slow co-worker was related to the manager and benefited from nepotism.

While a number of the commenters were sympathetic to the creator’s plight, the “little girl” line of argument didn’t sit well with a Bronx-based creator who identified as Liz.

“You didn’t have to be sexist with that girl comment,” Liz noted. “[What the] fuck did we do to get involved the hell. Men are emotional asf too.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Dunkin’ via email for comment.

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*First Published: Feb 6, 2023, 8:58 am CST