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‘Domino’s, you need to learn how to do better’: Domino’s assistant manager says she was reprimanded after a driver didn’t show up for Independence Day shift

‘$13 an hour to put up with the sh*t that we have to put up with is not worth it.’


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A Domino’s employee has gone viral after claiming she was reprimanded when one of their drivers did not show up for their Independence Day shift.

In the now-viral series, user Tiffany (@mrs.belgard22) describes a culture at Domino’s of being overworked and underpaid, frequently working beyond her set hours as a manager for just $13 per hour. She has been employed at Domino’s for nearly four years. 

“Domino’s, you need to learn how to do better,” she says in the first video.

Tiffany says she reached her breaking point when her sole driver did not show up for work on his Fourth of July shift. After going through the proper procedure for trying to get the driver to come in, she attempted to find a new driver. When none of the employees responded, she went up the chain of command to seek help.

Instead of receiving help, Tiffany says she was interrogated about her procedures, with both of her managers opting to question her about her practices and tell her she should have “done more” rather than come in themselves. This led Tiffany to question her role at the company—and eventually, tell the manager to “go get fucked, in the nicest way possible.”

The first video currently has over 1.8 million views.

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Across the videos, Tiffany lays out her situation, saying that she has been a consistent and strong worker for nearly four years. This success in the role led to her being promoted to AM4, one step below General Manager.

Despite her success, Tiffany says her store is frequently understaffed. She says she often assumes the jobs of multiple people and does not complain. The incident on the Fourth of July is the first time she claims she’s asked for help. 


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After her driver did not show up, she says she tried to contact all of the employees through the company’s crew app. When no one responded, she went up the chain of command to try to find a replacement. 

No one took her up on the offer, and neither of the managers she contacted wanted to come in on the Fourth of July to work.

Instead, according to Tiffany, the managers told her she was not doing enough to find someone to replace the absent driver.

All this time, Tiffany says she was preparing the store for opening, managing incoming orders, and trying to deal with the backlash of not having a delivery driver on Independence Day.

This led her to turn on her General Manager.

“[I] literally told my GM, ‘Hey, I’m tired of getting treated like this, and I’m tired of getting bitched at for doing my job,’” she recalls. “‘Because if I didn’t have prep and all of that finished, and I would have sat there and literally called everybody, I would have been bitched at for not having prep and stuff done!’”


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In conclusion, Tiffany says that this mental and physical effort is not worth the payment.

“$13 an hour to put up with the shit that we have to put up with is not worth it,” she states.

She then posted a video providing evidence of her attempts to contact employees and managers to replace the lost driver. 

Domino’s has not had a good track record on TikTok. Recently, a video went viral showing a single young employee running the entire store. In March, another TikTok showing two employees quitting mid-rush also went viral, with many of their complaints echoing those of Tiffany.

Tiffany later shouted out those employees in a TikTok.

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Commenters supported Tiffany and encouraged Domino’s to treat her, and her fellow employees, better.

“Yeah you did nothing wrong , not your fault the other managers didn’t fulfill there job duties. and your gm knows if nobody comes in, they need to,” one user wrote.

“Had this problem at Papa John’s,” another added. “Food industry just doesn’t care about their employees.”

We’ve reached out to Tiffany via TikTok comment and Domino’s via email.

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