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‘If the pay matched the work, I’d love to be that busy’: Dollar Tree worker reveals massive piles of boxes he has to unpack

'I hate this job.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Nov 22, 2022

A Dollar Tree worker went viral on TikTok after revealing the massive piles of boxes his manager allegedly requested he unpacks in just one week.

The video was uploaded by user @thefunkiestfella as he records the back room of the Dollar Tree location.

“My manager just told me I have a week to finish all these boxes, right? Yeah, that’s cool. I can do that,” the content creator says sarcastically, panning the camera to show mountains of boxes lining the walls.

In the caption, @thefunkiestfella wrote, “I hate this job.”

However, in a TikTok direct message exchange with the Daily Dot, @thefunkiestfella said the video was satire.

“I’ve gotta let you know the video is satire, it was a joke and it was never meant to blow up as much as it did, there’s no deadline and there’s no unfair work environment,” he said. “I’m not trying to make Dollar Tree look bad or anything. Like I said, it was just a joke that wasn’t meant to go anywhere.”

In fact, @thefunkiestfella explained that he doesn’t consider Dollar Tree to be a bad work environment. He said the main issue is understaffing.

“Been there for about 3 months and the work environment is fine,” he wrote. “They are short-handed so there’s normally one person on the floor at a time. However, there are managers there that assist in unloading boxes and whatnot.”

@thefunkiestfella I hate this job #fyp #dollartree ♬ original sound – TheFunkyFlo

On the other hand, many viewers were unaware of the worker’s satirical intention behind the clip. The video garnered over 282,000 views as of Tuesday, with many commenters sharing what they would’ve done in the content creator’s situation.

“I’d tell my boss to go find someone else to do it,” one viewer commented.

“If the pay matched the work, I’d love to be that busy,” another wrote.

“I’m shutting down the store if it’s just me and I got a week. Or let me come work when we closed,” a third stated.

Some joked that they would quit if they were put in the TikToker’s situation.

“’You have 1 week to do it.’ Yeah, and now you got 2 weeks to find someone else to do it,” one user said.

“Damn this looks like a two weeks notice,” a second claimed.

Others criticized the manager for assigning all of the boxes with no help.

“Manger better find some people to finish it. That’s a crew of 7 to finish that,” one person wrote.

“And what exactly is the manager doing while YOU have A WEEK to FINISH these boxes???” a second asked.

“A good manager will work it with you,” a third said.

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*First Published: Nov 22, 2022, 2:34 pm CST