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‘I was not aware that this was not allowed’: CVS worker says she was trained to use her number for customers without rewards program. It got her fired

'That's how I was trained.'


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Posted on Dec 21, 2022   Updated on Dec 21, 2022, 9:36 am CST

A former employee of CVS is calling out the company after claiming that something she was trained to do got her fired.

In a video with over 124,000 views, TikTok user Shannon (@shaaanmarie) says she held a job at CVS that she loved six years ago before she was unceremoniously let go.

“I made all the ‘clearance’ signs by hand, unpaid, on my own time,” she recalls. “Loved that company. Loved my job.”

However, during training, she says she was told that if a customer didn’t have a loyalty card, she would be allowed to enter her own phone number and accumulate their points—which she did.

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Over the course of doing this, Shannon says she made little money in rewards (“It wasn’t a lot. It was maybe, like, 5, 6 bucks once a month or once a quarter”). Still, she continued entering her own phone number, as she was told that was the appropriate action in that situation.

“I was not aware that this was not allowed with the company,” she explains.

One day, the district manager came in and questioned Shannon about this practice. She said she did, in fact, enter her own phone number, as that’s what she was trained to do. She then explained that other employees entered a different phone number if customers did not have a loyalty card.

Shannon was then told that this was theft, and the district manager fired her. Later, she says they sent her a bill for the $36 she allegedly ‘stole’ from loyalty cards over the course of her employment. She did not pay the bill, she notes—and that the location at which she worked still uses her hand-made clearance signs.

“Fuck outta here! You’re a billion-dollar company,” Shannon concludes.

In the comment section, some users speculated as to how this could have happened.

“See, when you train employees to do the same little cheats that you do, you HAVE to remind them it’s not technically allowed so they don’t confess,” wrote one user.

Others alleged that this training—and its consequences—were common.

“This happened to 2 girls at AE when I worked there,” shared a user. “The manager who told them to do that had been long gone but both fired.”

“The SAME exact thing happened to me at rite aid,” alleged another. “I am shook I thought I was the only one.”

“This exact thing happened to me at Kmart!! I was told it was okay, then I was fired and told they’re pressing charges for fraud.. I was 16,” explained a third.

Regardless, many users claimed that they were ending their relationships with CVS in solidarity with Shannon.

“I’ll never go to CVS again just for you,” wrote a user.

“Changing my grandma’s prescriptions to walgreens rn,” stated a further TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shannon via Instagram direct message and CVS via email.

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*First Published: Dec 21, 2022, 9:24 am CST