Video: ‘Karen’ confronts cops who came to her house after she made a threatening social media post

‘You pled the Fifth, remember?’


Kahron Spearman


A video trending on Reddit’s popular r/PublicFreakout page shows police coming to a defensive Karen‘s house over her threatening social media post saying she would trespass and trash the property of a county commissioner. 

The brief incident serves as a reminder that whatever people post online holds potential consequences, including having law enforcement personally check you at your home over a comment you’d probably forgotten.

In the video, a police officer identifying himself as Detective Horton from Palm Beach County, Florida, arrives at the home of a “Karen” answering to the name Angelique. 

He tells her they are there to talk to her about a social media post that included her possibly trespassing and throwing trash on her property. She plays dumb initially.

“You and some guy named Anthony were posting on social media that you were going to trespass on a country commissioner’s property and dump trash on her property,” he says.

But she pleads the Fifth Amendment so she doesn’t incriminate herself after he threatens to show her the post’s evidence.

“Alright, don’t trespass; have a good night,” he replies, walking away. It didn’t end there.

“So all this for that? This is just fearmongering of a citizen for nothing,” she says, evidently both surprised and upset that the police would question her about a social media post. She chooses to get defensive and indignant over it.

He reminds her why he was there to start and not to follow through with her threat. She then asks for all the officers’ names and badge numbers. 

Then, she desperately tries to get a random onlooker who may have been on her grass charged with trespassing. But they aren’t having any of it. 

“We are not going to argue,” he reminds her.

Saying she has video evidence of a woman trespassing, she says, “I have a right to ask questions.” It’s clear they aren’t going to do anything about the onlooker.

“You pled the Fifth, remember?” he says.

They all get into their vehicles, essentially ignoring her requests. That she posted a video to apparently prove a point that wasn’t there to be had is interesting, at best.

Reddit user LevelSpecial1590 commented: “Being stupid is one thing. But being stupid enough to post a video of your stupidity…well, that’s just a whole new level of stupid. Stupid.”

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