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Get your tinker on with the Electronic Games Advent Calendar

Get ready to put your brain to the test.


Colette Bennett

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If you’re a DIY fan with a taste for all things retro, you’re probably going to go bug-eyed when you get a look at the Haynes Retro Electronic Games Advent Calendar

Sure, advent isn’t happening for a few months, but with everyone already lusting over the idea of fall weather and PSLs, there’s no reason not to look forward. This advent calendar is probably the most fun option we’ve ever seen when it comes to counting the days. It allows you to build a total of 24 different games, with the components to do so hidden behind each day of the month. If you like to tinker, this presents a really fun way to do so a little bit every day.

Haynes Advent Retro Game Calendar

The calendar is available for preorder now and ships in September 2019. And if you want to work your way through it sooner than December, we doubt anyone would judge you for it.

Price on Merchoid: $32.99



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