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5 of the best dang collars for your favorite pup

Good boys deserve nothing but the finest.


Marisa Losciale

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Posted on May 23, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 3:09 pm CDT

There are some things every canine needs that you don’t want to replace all the time, which is why we curated this list of the best dog collars. As much as we’d love to let our pups run wild and free, collars (like leashes) are an unfortunate necessity. After all, they help keep our doggos safe and provide a place for their ID and vaccination tags.

But depending on your dog’s size, shape, and weight, some collars are better for them than others. Not sure which is the right fit for your furry friend? We can help.

Best dog collars on Amazon

1) Chaco flat collars

best dog collars

Amazon rating: 4.6 stars

Meet your standard, casual wear dog collar. Designed with polyester jacquard webbing, the Chaco flat collar is hardy yet comfortable enough for everyday wear. It features a durable quick-release buckle and even comes with a lifetime warranty. A good rule of thumb for fitting a flat collar is you should be able to fit two fingers underneath it without feeling like you’re struggling.

Price: $14.95+

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2) Mighty Paw Martingale collar

best dog collars

Amazon rating: 4.4 stars

Also known as limited slip collars, these babies are ideal for slender-necked dogs that could otherwise slip out of their fitting. The idea here is that when you’re walking them on a leash and they start to pull, they won’t be able to wiggle their way out.

Price: $13.99

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3) PetSafe Gentle Leader head collar

best dog collars

Amazon rating: 4.1 stars

If you’re still leash training or your dog just isn’t self-aware enough to realize their own strength, a head collar will make walks a breeze. One strap goes around your dog’s neck and the other wraps around their muzzle – this is where your leash would attach, similar to a horse’s halter. So instead of struggling to lead them on a leash tied around their neck, a head collar allows you to control the amount of pulling power they have.

Price: $14.95 (regularly $19.99) 

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4) Coastal Pet choke collar

best dog collars

Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

Working like a rope looped through itself, a choke collar tightens when your dog pulls, causing them to relax and loosen the tension. Collars like these are only recommended for larger, stronger breeds and aren’t suitable for those with a fragile build.

Price: $6.66

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5) Nicestar bark collar

best dog collars

Amazon rating: 4.8 stars

Barking is a normal thing for your dog to do, but incessant barking can lead to high blood pressure and other health problems for your pup – not to mention it’s downright annoying. But thanks to technology, there’s a way to fix that. Think of this collar as another training device. It won’t keep your dog from barking, but it will teach it when it’s appropriate by using a series of vibrations and sounds for your pupper to associate with the unwanted noise.

Price: $29.99 (regularly $49.99) 

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*First Published: May 23, 2018, 8:17 am CDT