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Posted on Oct 14, 2021   Updated on Oct 18, 2021, 9:06 pm CDT

When you’re young, Halloween is all about dressing up for free candy and begging your parents to let you stay out a little while longer. For many adults, however, Halloween takes on a whole new purpose: to dress up in sexy costumes and party. If you’re hoping to turn heads and drop jaws, you might as well do it right.

We’ve sifted through the hottest and most iconic adult Halloween costumes, discovering the best options so you don’t have to. Whether you want to throw it back with the best movie costumes or pay tribute to some sexy occupations, let us be your guide.

The best adult Halloween costumes to make your night a special one

1) Best adult Halloween costume for DC Comic fans: Harley Quinn  

Harley Quinn in her classic suicide squad outfit

It’s time to let your inner crazy out with this tribute to Comics craziest super villain, Harley Quinn. The best thing about going as Harley, is that you don’t need a Joker to make your statement. This complete costume from Amazon is the perfect PG-13 replica of the little Suicide Squad number that broke the internet after its theater showing. 

It’s the perfect costume for a full head-to-toe look, including a wig, jacket and top, shorts, tights, and belt. However, in case you want to take it all the way to R, these little sequin shorts are the sexier way to go.  

For fans of the second installment in the ongoing Harley Quinn series, Birds of Prey, this is the costume is for you. Complete with the iconic see-through jacket, suspenders, fishnets, and wig, you’ll blow the party away as the Harley Quinn doppelganger.

2) Sexiest Halloween costume for men who won’t want to wear a costume: Magic Mike 

Magic Mike best adult Halloween costume

This costume is at once the sexiest and easiest option on the market. No one will be able to resist your collar and cuff set and bare chest as you dance out on the floor. Simply pair the cuffs and collar with some black slacks, or sweats, and stick a few dollars in your waistband to complete the look!

While channeling your inner Magic Mike is easy to achieve, it might not be the most comfortable for some. Dancing with your chest out isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but for those that still want to channel their inner stripper, this suit will give you all the privacy, and all the abs. 

3) Best adult take on a Disney classic: Cruella 

Cruella jacket for best adult Halloween costumes

We all remember Cruella as this raggedy old woman with protruding cheekbones, a smoking habit, and a bad case of road rage. However, as Disney loves to do, we’ve got a new Cruella on the block, and she’s fabulous. 

Channeling this new Cruella is as fun as you can imagine, and Amazon makes it easy with this exact replica of the famed spotted coat. Topping it off with this spot-on wig and mask will cement your place in the 2021 Cruella hall of fame. 

If you want to take your costume up a notch and stray from the movie path, this Cruella costume is sure to turn heads. Simply pair it with a split wig and some knee-high leather boots, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

4)  Best adult Halloween costume for movie nerds: Kill Bill  

Kill Bill two piece outfit in yellow leather

There’s nothing sexier than Uma Therman hunting down the people who wronged her, one by one, in her yellow suit. So, we totally understand the desire to be her, at least for a night, this Halloween. 

Taking it up a notch, we’ve found the perfect sexy spin on the iconic yellow tracksuit. This two-piece take features a yellow patent leather biker jacket and matching leather skinnies. Pair it with the iconic Kill Bill wig, and finish it off with the sacred Hattori Hanzo sword

5) Best sexy without being sexy men’s costume: Bob Ross 

Bob ross costume holding a paint pallet for best adult Halloween costume

Bob Ross fans is one of the purest icons of the ’80s and ’90s. This iconic painter won over the hearts and minds of all who watched. Show up as him for Halloween, and you’ll be leaving happy clouds behind you at every party. 

This spot-on Bob Ross costume will have you wanting to quit your job and get into the art of painting. Complete with a kooky curly wig, beard, and paint pallet and brush, all you’ll need to complete this look is the staple blue button-up and khaki combo. Before you know it, you’ll be painting your favorite landscapes and amassing a cult following.

6) Funniest gag adult Halloween costume: Can of beer

Man in a budweiser costume

It’s no secret that Americans love beer. We love beer so much, it’s even become a personality trait for some of us. If you fall into the category of ‘serious beer lover’, this costume is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 

We know that not every beer is created equal, and if you’re a serious beer lover, you won’t be able to go as any old beer can. Hailed the King of Beers, this Budweiser costume is for lovers of the iconic beverage. All you’ll have to do is pair this beer tunic with a simple shirt and pants, and you’re golden. 

While these two aren’t direct enemies, the debate between regular and light beer still runs deep enough to ruin a nice family barbeque. Stand tall in your choice, and start the argument with pride. Scream “I am a light beer lover” with this Bud Light costume once and for all! 

The outlier of the group, and certainly the most disregarded, is the lowly IPA. It’s a treasure to a very specific type of drinker, but not the Budweiser or Bud Light kind. The IPA is the king of stirring the pot amongst beer lovers. As the costume says, “For hipsters, by hipsters”. Stand strong with your IPA and become it for Halloween this year.

7) Most magical costume to get in touch with your inner child: Little Red Riding Hood 

Little red riding hood for best adult Halloween costume

Arguably one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time is Little Red Riding Hood. The cautionary tale has been told, and retold, time and time again, and this year, it’s your turn. Take the story into your own hands and give it a little adult twist with this costume from Amazon. 

For a sexy adult look that’s close to the real thing, this is the perfect option for you. It includes the dress and the cape, but none of the other accessories. Luckily, we’ve got that covered. Pair this number with some satan gloves, bow’d thigh highs, and high heels, and you’ve got yourself an adult red riding hood. 

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