customer shares walmart's new tech to prevent stealing tiktok


‘They ain’t playinnnggggggg’: Walmart shopper shares PSA after noticing new self-checkout tech while buying Minute Maid Lemonade

‘Scan an orange for a TV if y’all want to!’


Allyson Waller


One shopper is alerting others about what appears to be new technology at the Walmart self-checkout counter. 

In a recent video, which was viewed 9.6 million times, TikToker @thekdaniels shows herself going through the self-checkout at Walmart. She places a bottle of Minute Maid Lemonade on a counter that’s flanked by cameras pointing to the counter on both sides, and a big screen shows a picture of the item she recently scanned. The text on the video reads: “BABY WALMART SAID YOU AIN’T STEALING FROM THEM NO MO.” She commented that the Walmart she went to was located in Richardson, Texas, outside of Dallas. 

@thekdaniels Lmboooooo baby they ain’t playinnnggggggg!!! Scan a orange for a TV if y’all want to! #walmart #fyp ♬ original sound – Keiandrea Daniels

Walmart self-checkout notoriously has been the butt of jokes about stealing and easy scams. But stealing at self-checkout has also landed some people in legal trouble. For example, one woman from Kentucky faced a possible five to 10 years in prison after being indicted for “unlawful access to a computer” after she switched barcodes on items with a price difference of about $80. Another Walmart customer claimed on TikTok she not only was banned from the store but also had charges pressed against her after forgetting to scan a $2 Lunchable.

Walmart has been rolling out a new approach to the grocery checkout experience where it eliminates the traditional method of cashiers ringing up goods at conveyor belts. At some stores people now approach a register area where a “host” is available to assist them with checking out items, according to a news release. The retailer said the new experience is supposed to help eliminate wait times. Walmart has not yet responded to The Daily Dot’s request for comment about @thekdaniels’ TikTok video and data around theft at self-checkout. 

@thekdaniels warned TikTok viewers that the new technology they witnessed could be a sign the grocery store giant is taking theft at self-checkout seriously. However, Walmart’s self-checkout technology has been criticized for allegedly being inaccurate in the past.

“[Lmao] baby they ain’t playinnnggggggg!!! Scan a orange for a TV if y’all want to!” @thekdaniels warned in a caption to her video.  

Commenters were swift to criticize the retailer for its practices. 

“The amount of money they’re putting into this they could just pay people to work the registers,” one commenter said.

“They be acting as if they’re not a multi MILLION dollar company… they can afford some loss,” another commenter said. 

Others brushed off any worry their preferred Walmart locations would ever ramp up self-checkout security. 

“The Walmarts I go to won’t be able to afford this so I’m good,” an additional commenter said. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to @thekdaniels via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message. They have not responded to request for comment at the time of publication.

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