trump struggles to pronounce 'yosemite'

The White House/Periscope

Trump’s ‘Yo-semite’ mispronunciation becomes an instant meme

What was that?


David Covucci


This morning, President Donald Trump held a ceremony to sign H.R. 1957, the Great American Outdoors Act.

In a statement accompanying the signing, the White House praised the bill, calling it, “one of the greatest conservation acts in decades,” which “addresses the maintenance backlog facing America’s national parks and public lands.”

While touting the bill, Trump made reference to one of America’s greatest environmental gems, Yosemite National Park.

Or did he?

“When they gaze upon yo-semites, yo-sem(n)ites, towering sequoias,” the president said, botching the pronunciation of it not once, but twice, which instantly caused “Yosemite” to trend on Twitter.

The bill establishes a fund from oil and gas developed on federal land to help pay for park maintenance.


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